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    Please post all questions to me here, unless they contain private information that cannot be posted to the public. It is almost impossible for me to look at every single thread on a daily basis. This will make it much easier for me, and for you to get a specific response. This will also help keep the forum much neater, and easier to find things.
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    Hello, I am a new member and I need your help. I have been reading this site for the past few days and know that you have given some nurses great advise. I have taken the nclex rn 4 times. Please help. sareebadi
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    Moved your post to the NCLEX Forum where you will find the first tip of my program. All instructions are listed and there and they need to be followed exactly as written. When that is done, that is the time to contact me via pm with the required information that you need to submit to me.

    Cannot do a thing until that is done. You can get thru this exam but you need to follow what is posted and not make any changes to it and use only the one book.. Everything else needs to be put away or given away, but not opened at all.

    I am very strict on this, but my program works.