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  1. Hi Suzanne!

    I'm planning to take my NCLEX in Dec. I don't know how to start my review. I feel overwhelmed with the topics I need to study. Can you please give me suggestions on how to go on with my review. How many hours a day should I review? If you can give me tips on how I can prepare well for the exam, I'd appreciate that a lot. Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Moved your thread to the NCLEX Discussion Forum.

    At the top of this thread there is a sticky called the First Tip of my program, all instructions are there to help you prepare for the exam. Please be aware that the first tip must be completed exactly as it is written, and then you contact me via the private message system that we have here.

    Also be aware that mailings are only done every two weeeks and you must have at the very minimum a full 45 days to prepare. You really need to allow 7 weeks to really to be able to do it properly.

    I never recommend preparing up until the day of the exam, your brain needs time to absorb all of the information.

    Best of luck on your preparation for the exam.
  4. by   yourbeautiful1028
    Hi there! im a new member in this forum..lucky enough to be really helps me alot being involve in this forum..Im planning to take again my nclex exam this january, started already my review almost done with my SAUNDERS COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW BOOK, any tips or suggestions would you like to share while im preparing for my nlcex exam. thanks...