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I am taking the NCLEX in MI next week. Do I pay for the quick results or just try the pearson trick? How long do I have to wait to do either?... Read More

  1. by   elang
    yehey i passed i just saw my name couple of minutes ago in the bon website it took 4 days for my name to cme up...so happy! for those who are still waiting don't lose your hope you will eventually see ur name in there...the trick really works!!!! im now an RN!
  2. by   imBlank

    CongratulationS!! Well..to both of us! Just found out this morning as well that I passed! Definite confirmation that the trick works! Yeheey to both of us!!
  3. by   Lorrie34
    I did the PVT as soon as I got home from taking the boards that day...it worked. It is not official results but I've read every post about it on here, and it hasn't failed for anyone yet. I thought for sure I bombed like no other has before, but when I did the trick, it stopped me and the next day I got my results that I passed. PVT was the only thing that kept me alive for 24 hours to find out offical results. Good luck to you!:heartbeat
  4. by   CrammyCute11
    hi guys!! it really work i just check the licsnce verification, saw my name WOOT!!!! THANK YOU LORD>!!!
  5. by   HOPEFLOATS09
    I'm a HUGE ADVOCATE OF THE PVT! This was my second time taking the exam. I took my first last October ended with 265 questions with 30 seconds left to spare on my last question. I had TOTAL anxiety the whole time which unfortunately worked against me. I was told about the PVT. I tried it and was devastated that I went all the way to the cc page. I had my moment of tears, but what pushed me to take it again was the results of my exam. I had all "near passing" and one "above passing" in all my categories. That told me I knew my material, it was the darn ANXIETY. I changed up alot of my study habits such as only studying for 4-6hrs by only focusing on doing questions and I made more time enjoying life besides staying home studying endless hrs a day like how I did the first time. It also helped to talk to second test time takers to help gage me in the right direction. My schedule date to take the exam again was March 31st, one day before the NCLEX was gonna make changes to the exam starting April 1st. I made sure I did not study the day before and used up my time going out the whole day watching a movie, going the the beach, prayed at church, went to the zoo, and window shopped. It was a way to not think about the exam and to also tire myself out by the time i got home at 5:30pm. I went to bed around 10pm woke up at 5:30am and went for a leisure walk for 30mins to get my blood flowing. I ate a light breakfast and kept myself hydrated. By the time i got to the center to take my exam, I was positive and focused. I was still just alil nervous, but the nerves eventually went away. I ended up having 114 questions and ended alil before 2hrs. This time around I left a bit more positive from the center than I did the first time around. I strongly felt the last question I had was correct before it shut off. This time around, I did not do the PVT right away. I wanted to enjoy the rest of my week and weekend. I hesitated many times, and I eventually went to the site and did the PVT one hr prior to the day I had to pick up my results. This time around it did not let me go to the cc page. I HAD THE GOOD POP UP! I kept reading it over and over. I even performed the PVT three times to be sure. I was so happy! I kept it on my laptop before I left to go and pick up my results....AND MY "THIN ENVELOPE" said I PASSED MY NURSING BOARD EXAM! I'M OFFICIALLY A RN!

    So overall, I TRULY BELIEVE THE PVT WORKS! Actually, I believe its not a trick. This is a NATIONAL BOARD EXAM. ONCE YOU PASS, of course it won't allow you to register under the same license again.

  6. by   HOPEFLOATS09
    I'M A RN! WOOT!
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  7. by   megarya
    I just took my exam this mornign at 8am.. it took me forever...i had 160+ questions..20 sata..lots of med.delegation prioritization..i was waiting for the computer to stop at 75..yet i didnt.same w/ 100..then to 150 and i came to realize like.yea.im going all the way to 265. yet it stopped at around 163 or 164.i was really paying much attention at the # bcoz i thot i was going all the way.but suddenly it stopped..i did the pearson vue trick and got a good up.. bcoz ofcourse like some of you. we dont want to rely on this alone.but im really hoping its true.bcoz i need to pass this exam badly and cannot stand another night studying again.oh plz.i really hope its 100% true..
  8. by   HOPEFLOATS09
    Congrats to you! I know you passed! now relax...go out with some friends....because you will feel the releif when you get your final results. Bless you.
  9. by   megarya
    thank you for your reply..I wish i could celebrate..but when i get the official results.i'll let you all know..
  10. by   thebeachone77
    Just curious.. i did the pvt trick immediatly after taking my test and the "pop up" said "the candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be created at this time". Is this what everyone elses say. Am I trying the trick too early
  11. by   goodstudentnowRN
    open registration means you did not wait for it to be delivered successfully. You need to do it again and see what happens.
  12. by   vivian1969
    I took the CA Nclex this morning but I tried the pearson trick which allow me to go through the payment page. Did it mean fail? Or should I just wait for 48 hours to try? Thanks
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from vivian1969
    I took the CA Nclex this morning but I tried the pearson trick which allow me to go through the payment page. Did it mean fail? Or should I just wait for 48 hours to try? Thanks
    Suggest you check out the pearsonvue trick thread but getting to the CC page does indicate you have failed. I would however suggest you wait for official confirmation. Sorry