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  1. Hey everyone
    I took my test Wed and they said wait 48 hrs...is it 48hrs from start time or end time??
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  3. by   amybethf
    Have u tried the pearson vue 'trick'? If u haven't tried - look at the super long thread on it with the same title or u can pay the $8 for the unofficial results.
  4. by   katie2274
    I was wondering the same thing, I took my test on Tues 7/14 at 1pm and I have been furiously checking pearson vue for quick results and every time i see that red font saying my results are unavailable i get more and more frustrated! I only had 75 questions and finished in about an hour. I keep going back and forth - convincing myself that i passed, then that i failed - I'm so nervous!
  5. by   katie2274
    haha literally after i posted that it worked - i PASSED!!!
  6. by   shoegalRN
    It's 48 hours after your SCHEDULED test time, not when you took it or ended it.

    I took my test 2 hours early from my scheduled test time and had to wait 48 hours after the scheduled test time to get my quick results.
  7. by   cookiencreme
    I took the exam on July 14 2pm and wouldn't be able to check it since 2pm today. I called up Pearson Vue and they told me that I won't be able to see the quick result until Friday (tomorrow) 12AM!!!! I also tried the trick, it wouldn't let me register again, I really hope the trick work :X man this is frustrating, did all 275 questions, desperate to see my result...

    you'll probably be able to see it tonight at 12am!