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  1. I took NCLEX today and now im currently freaking out... at least 50/75 of my questions were SATA which I'm horrible at. The test shut off at 75 and then I started getting more questions that were alternative format from the rest of the test.... and then after I got the review questions... Do those questions that happened after 75 count against me? Has anyone had this happen?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    Beta questions do not count. They are used to determine if the question is a good quality question and may be used in the next NCLEX update as a real question. The beta questions used to be intermixed in the first 75 questions, but now they are given after your test is completed.

    While the type of questions does not indicate pass or fail, SATA tend to be more difficult to answer correctly. If you are getting a lot of SATA questions, then the computer is not lowering the difficulty of the questions significantly.

    Stopping at 75 questions is an indication of doing extremely well or extremely poorly. If you did very well in school, it is very unlikely that an "A" student would be doing so poorly that they would not receive more than 75 questions.
  4. by   NURSING145
    Thank you for the quick reply! I definitely wasn't an A student in school but I never failed a class which was very rare at the school I went too! I'm freaking out, I'm sure everyone does though.. I guess I will know in 48 hours!