Question Regarding NCLEX- RN test

  1. I start my Nursing courses in August of 2003, I 'm concerned about the NCLEX -RN test.

    I have signed a contract with the Nursing School I will be attending in August. In accordance to the contract I signed in order to have the Nursing School pay my school loan, I must start working for them 30-90 days after date of graduation.

    I realize that its some time away (2 Years) June of 2005 is my graduation date. My concern is passing the state boards in order to be an RN to work for the Hospital of the Nursing School.

    Does anyone know the statistics on passing the state boards test first time around ? I would appriciate any information as to how to increase my chances of passing the test the first time I take the test.

    Sincerly Terriwas

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  3. by   maire
    What school did you apply to? They should have statistics about their pass rates on the NCLEX. I did a little searching on the New Jersey state web page and the only stats I found for pass rates were from 2001. I was curious after you posted because I live in Jersey too.
  4. by   inodou
    You should be able to find out the pass rate for your school. I know at mine they have close to 100% pass rate, it is the highest in this state.