Question regarding Mosby test score

  1. Howdy Everyone,
    I have been sooooooooo busy with nursing school that I have not interacted on the message board since I started school.

    I have averaged all B's so far. I'am on my lasted semester. I graduate within 3 and 1/2 months.

    I have a question regarding the Mosby test. I took the Mosy test I purchased the test myself and sent away for my answers to be evealuated.

    The evaluation came back showing that out of 265 questions, I only answered 155 questions correct, which scares the hell out of me.

    When I told my teacher my score she looked at me with a grunt and facial expression that said to me that my score was not a good one.
    She than commented that It was still early in the game and I had not yet finished the final semester so not to worry.

    But after her facial expression and grunt its hard for me not to worry.

    My understanding is that this Mosby test is suppose to give an estimation on the likelyhood of my ability to passs the NCLEX.

    Has anyone taken this test and also scored this low, and yet passed the NCLEX the first time around? Any response to my letter would be appriciated.

    Sincerly Terri
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  3. by   CA CoCoRN
    Is it called the Mosby's Assess Test?? If so, yes, I 've taken it.

    It was the predictor that my college used as a sort of practice NCLEX. We took it at the end of our final semester. I don't remember if it counted in our grade... I didn't score low. It said I had a 93% chance of passing the NCLEX. I still have the results.
    But I do know that those who'd scored low on the Assess, they didn't pass NCLEX first time 'round.

    However, don't despair. Remember, you've still some learning to get. Maybe you should go through this last semester, THEN take the test.
  4. by   spiri1
    Hi Ca CoCo RN,
    Thanks for responding to my letter.

    I see I have some work ahead of me in order to pass the NCLEX.

    I want to be able to pass the NCLEX the first time taking the test.

    My teacher suggested that I complete approximately 3000 questions prior to taking the NCLEX to ensure I pass.

    She mentioned that it has been said that if one completes 5000 questons prior to testing than the individual will pass the NCLEX, (hummm I wonder what study those statistics came from )

    I suppose yea must answer all or most of the 5000 questions correctly or at least go back and check any questions yea did not get correct. :chuckle

    Enjoy your day Ca Corn