Question about the Saunders CD

  1. the cd is supposed to have 4000+ questions on it. it is broken up into different sections such as study, test etc. obviously there are questions repeated throughout the different sections. what is the best way to access the questions without having repeats? in other words i just want to go through all of the questions without having to look for the ones i haven’t been asked yet.
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  3. by   Jme2007
    I am not sure how to do that myself but you could go through the "content" section of the CD and do ALL those questions for each content. Then after that, maybe go to other areas that you are weaker in such as, "application" or "evaluation" and go through those. Just a suggestion. I thought the same thing as you, wondering how to just answer each question once before repeats. Good luck to you
  4. by   onduty23
    you gonna get repeats . repeats is what help make #4000
  5. by   mom2michael
    I always did study mode so I could learn as I went along. I went to the 2nd bullet down (don't remember the name off the top of my head) selected all of those (4 total) and started the test - I think it listed 36XX questions....I would work on those every day, 200 or so a day, then stop. When you stop - it would start your study mode again from where you left off when you re-opened your program......

    I didn't see repeats and I got through well over 2000 questions before I tested.