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I have a question!!! Since I need to take the NCLEX-RN again, do I need to register both at pearson and continental testing? I registered at pearson already but I don't know if I need to register... Read More

  1. by   serendipity05
    I'm glad you got things figured out..Me too...thanks for all the info trirunner and tinta...I appreciate it. Goodluck to you trirunner, yes, we will pass it the second time around. Let me know when you get your ATT already so I can estimate when I'll get mine. Thanks guys!
  2. by   serendipity05
    hey trirunner,

    I am just curious. since you worked as an RNLP like me, what happened to your job when you found out you failed? I just want to know if we experienced the same.
  3. by   trirunner23
    I was working at Rush and I actually have the best nurse manager. I found out on a Thursday (obviously devastated) and I had already gone through nursing orientation and had started my first week on the floor. Well, I was scheduled for Fri/Sat/Sun but I knew that if you don't pass NCLEX you can't work as RNLP. I was the first of the four new grads on the unit to take NCLEX (which later upon talking to one of the other new grads she said she was talking to the assistant manager and they decided that if she failed she would wait 2-3 weeks and just say she didn't her results. did that make sense?) Anyway, I didn't know this and I didn't want to break any laws so about an hour after I found out I called my unit (the manager was gone but I talked to the asst. manager) and she told me she'd take me off the schedule and I'd hear from my manager. She (my manager) called me on Saturday (from home b/c she was on vacation!) and told me not to worry about (that she had failed it the first time too) and that I had one of two choices. Go back to work as an NA (student nurse) or take the 45 days off. Depending on my financial situation if I wanted to come back in 2-3 weeks that was fine too..whatever I was comfortable with. But I felt like a complete dumbass (sorry for the language) and was way to embarrassed to go back to's a little humiliating. So, I took the 45 days off, studied my ass off and now I'm just waiting to take it again. I know no one cares (on my unit) and my nurse manager told me that I'd find out really fast who my real friends were and weren't depending on thier actions towards me on the floor and it's just something that sucks but you have to deal with. A good friend of mine also told me that maybe I'd go back with a little chip on my shoulder so no one would think less of me b/c I didn't pass. At this point I don't really care what other people think. It's a test. The hard part is being a nurse not answering multiple choice questions. sorry that was so long.
  4. by   serendipity05
    Just like you, I didn't expect my co-workers to be so supportive of me. When I failed, I told them right away and they were the first ones to tell me not to feel bad because according to my preceptors, I was one of the best new grads that they had and that they would not think of me less. My co-workers were worried about me because I didn't show up to work the next day and they called me! Imagine, they called me! I felt so good because I felt so wanted. At first, they wanted to let me work as a CNA because that was the policy but I told them that I wanted to take a leave off work so I can prepare and regroup. They held a meeting (Oh my GOD!) and decided that they will give me the 45 days or so off. I felt so blessed because even though I failed, I didn't lose everything. I had them, and I still have my job.

    You know, I don't know if this will make you feel better but there is another new grad on my floor and she passed the nclex already, but based on the feedback we're all hearing, she's not a very good one. THis is what my manager, my clinical educator and my preceptors said, "we'd rather have a person who failed it the first time and is a very good nurse than have one who passed it the first time but is a bad nurse." Trirunner, they kept us and so we must be doing something right. THis thought keeps me going all the time. I am scared to go back to work, but then again, I just want to go back because the people I work with are the best! Rush is a very good hospital, you are lucky that you are a part of a great institution.

    Did you find out if the other 3 new grads passed?

    Goodluck to you.....
  5. by   trirunner23
    I totally agree with you! The other three have passed and two of them are great but by word of mouth the third one is not so good. (Her preceptor actually requested the manager to extend her orientation period because she didn't feel she was ready to start on the floor) I agree that although we didn't pass the first time doesn't have any influence on how well a nurse we're going to be. I did see a few nurses since then and they have been wonderful. You're right, we are lucky to a) still have our jobs but more importantly b) to have supportive co-workers. You win lose least we are compassionate. I always keep that in mind too. You can't teach someone to be a good nurse but you can teach someone to take a test insofar as test taking skills and so forth. Where do you work?
  6. by   serendipity05
    I actually just talked to my preceptor today and just found out that she didn't pass the first time either! I was so shocked but to be honest, it made me feel good because I look up to her so much because she is such a good nurse. SHe is actually the type of nurse I want to be in the future. She gave me so much encouragement and I feel so much better about this. You know what, I think out of all the four new grads, I think you are going to be the greatest! Hey, once you get your license, you know it is hard earned. And yes, the game begins when we all start working on the floor, not when we pass the test. We're gonna make it through I know. Goodluck again! Hope we get our ATTs soon
  7. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    There really doesn't seem to be much correlation between passing the NCLEX and being a good nurse, at least in my opinion. So many factors come into play...excessive nerves during testing, inadequate familiarity/preparation with NCLEX style questions, the fact that some people are dependent on being able to go back and double check an answer (which NCLEX doesn't let you do), not speaking English as a first language, and so on. Not only that, but how many nurses have all of us encountered, who were mean/uncaring/or just plain BAD nurses? And yet every last one of them passed the NCLEX!

    What matters is that nobody ever let the results of a single test make them feel 'less than' and that the right people get into nursing (both caring AND conscientious), even if it sometimes takes more than one test to get there!
  8. by   trirunner23
    Wow..thanks Rebecca. I took it again hopefully I passed it! I felt 100 times better this time around.
  9. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Quote from trirunner23
    I took it again hopefully I passed it! I felt 100 times better this time around.
    Great- let us know when you find out you passed!
  10. by   Bamarina
    I'm glad you all got to re-register, I found out the process after several phonecalls and finally a response. You have to do the whole process over again minus the fingerprints. But I didn't know that once they are sixty days old you have to re-submit. Thanx for the heads up!! Blessings to those of us who are scheduling a re-take.
  11. by   trirunner23
    I passed!!!
  12. by   DolphinRN84
    Quote from trirunner23
    I passed!!!
    Congratulations Trirunner23!!!!
  13. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    [SIZE="4"]Whoopie !! Good for you !![/ SIZE]