Pvt trick says result is on hold

  1. I took my nclex 8/10/17 it's my 5th time and the computer shut off at 110. I could say this is the hardest test out of 4 coz I got tons of case study like 5 or more and the first 75qs were SATA. Anyway I took it at 8am and ended about like 10:20am I guess. I took a break in between because I have a bad migraine and I need to take another pill. I went home around 12pm did the pvt trick and I can't submit my payment because it was saying the result was on hold. Since it was too early I tried it again around 2pm still getting the same message. I don't know what to do.... all I could think was the questions I did wrong or I'm not confident With. I keep on recalling what did I do wrong inside. I didn't cheat. There was an issue with palm scan only in the beginning when u first check in for ur exam but that's it after that everything went smoothly. I'm anxious and prayed a lot for God to give me another chance. Even I will fail that's alright I can take it as long as I can take it again.
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  3. by   Em.Es
    It could be on hold because they might be looking into it like checking if there was any inconsistencies or problem. It could also because you did the trick too early. Weren't the case study questions part of the research questions that they have? Those questions won't be scored or won't be counted with your NCLEX questions. Do the pvt again 24hrs after and check with your state board's website too. Continue to pray and br strong. Hoping you made it this time!
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