PVT fail, credit card accepted with no money

  1. So i took my uncles yesterday at 1 and finished around 7. It was a Friday and as soon as i left, within half hour I got an email from Pearson bye saying, "Now that you have taken your nclex"

    So i did the PVT and used a debit card with ONLY 6 dollars.
    I put in all the right information, and eventually it said "registration acknowledged."

    In my mind im like what the eff, at least say insufficient funds.
    But I checked my debit card bank and nothing was taken out or charged.
    I tried to register again and put a fake cvc but this time it said, cannot register you because you currently have an "open registration".

    Also, I went the Ohio board of nursing website, and put in my school and where I graduated, and my name showed up twice. Didn't show a date but it said under status, "closed" for one and "in review" for the other one. I'm a second time test taker. So maybe that's why both names showed up. Also under sub type, it says exam eligible. I am very confused currently.

    I need to know what the heck this means. Please help
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  3. by   NurseTracey561
    Try Nursys(R)
  4. by   Famu17
    I found nothing on the website . I went to school in Ohio and graduated and went back to michigan and took my test there. I'm really confused currently
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    What this means is:

    1) The PVT 'trick' is iffy at best, and to do it correctly you must wait at least 24 hours
    2) You should just be patient.
  6. by   Apzy
    Hi any update to your result?