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nclex crisis :uhoh21: hi to everyone, i just took my nclex-rn yesterday. it stopped at 75 questions. is there anybody out there from california who knows how to get in a site where you... Read More

  1. by   cndynf
    :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  2. by   cndynf
    [QUOTE=AlliBean]I do not live in CA, I live in FL, however I know several people that have taken the exam and their test stopped at 75 as well and they passed! I already have anxiety b/c even though I grauate next year! Good luck to you!

    Goodluck on your program, you'll do just fine. I took Kaplan online course and went through about 3000 questions. If you can go through questions that are mostly analysis /application(mine was mix of recollection/analysis) you'll be able to sit and take the NCLEX with confidence.
  3. by   irish57
    helo everyone!
    i have been reading this sight for information on california's method of nclex notification process. I took my nclex exam on 8-22-05 and became very anxious after waiting over three weeks. i tried checking the license verification site on the BVPT and it showed no records found, I even called some of my classmates and the school I graduated from and no records were found or advice that was found helpful by either. I was convinced that because my test had shut off at 85 and I had not heard anything in more two weeks, I was sure I had failed. Saturday the 17 of September, I finally received my letter from the board, and was overjoyed to find that I had indeed passed my test! so everyone , my lesson was to have patience and think positive, and you will get your news in time :hatparty:
  4. by   cndynf
    Congratulations to You!!!!!

    I know it's hard to be patient when your waiting for the result. I kept saying I "didn't pass, I didn't pass" because the computer shut off at 75 questions. My husband kept saying to "wait for the result" and not just to assume. With me I kinda believed him (about1/4th of a percent) because I didn't want to feel crushed if I did fail. But then 2-3 days later I logged in at RN.CA.GOV website for the 20th or so time( since taking the NCLEX)--my name showed up under RN licensure-- I had to get my husband and have him double check if indeed that's me --I just can't believe it. I'ts true what other people are saying about the exam "that no one leaves the test place feeling good".