Post NCLEX blues, pls read post...need answers/hope

  1. Took my exam this morning.

    waited about 2-4 hours before trying PVT, wasn't getting any pop up or asking me to pay.

    Check Washington State BON website for Licensure Verifcation,
    and my name pops up with my RN License # next to it, but also says "Pending".

    just wanted to know if anyone experienced this and had no worries.

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  3. by   HalfBoiled
    Cut yourself some slack. The results will come.
    I would take this time to update your resume and assemble your portfolio.
    If anything, spend some time with your loved-ones

    I spent my time cleaning my room.
  4. by   Frannybo310
    haha i'll do my best, luckily i was able to sleep some last night haha.