please pray for me

  1. Hi everybody...i would like to ask for prayers because i will be taking my nclex exam on october 26,2007 at 9 am....Kindly post some prayers that I could use during my exam....I am really nervous coz I only studied Saunders Q & A CD......but im keeping my hopes God I trust..
    Praise the Lord Jesus.....I know he wont abandon me...
    I love you Jesus!
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  3. by   rebmem
    You're in my prayers. God knows how hard we are working to pass NCLEX. As long as we will dedicate our education to serving the sick, HE will surely grant our wishes. I will be testing soon also (for the second time)...Let God be with us. Amen.
  4. by   Barbara7809
    My thoughts and prayers goes out to you on your BIG day.
  5. by   TxPonyChic
    you are in my prayers. be confident because you can do it. i too am re-testing this month for the 2nd time so i can surely understand the nervousness that comes with the big day. here is a prayer for you and everyone else who is testing soon. god bless everyone, believe in the power of prayer and in yourself!

    i thankfully turn to you, god, for guidance. i listen in the stillness to your wisdom already in my heart, and i know what to do.

    dear god, your love fills my heart and your light guides my steps. in all i do i acknowledge you and give thanks for your wisdom, strength, and peace within.

    in the awareness of your constant presence within me, god, i listen for the direction that guides me and makes
    my way sure.

    you, dear god, are the light that shines on my path. your light gives me insight and understanding that help me make wise decisions.

    god, you are my source of wisdom. your spirit guides me, your love enfolds me, and your light inspires me. please be with me on my testing day. guide me with your strength, wisdom and glory. in your name all is possible. in the name of jesus i pray, amen
  6. by   adason07
    You will do fantastic!!!..keep us currently using Saunders also..i really like it so hopefully God hears our prayers!!!!
  7. by   sinagbayan

    Grant me oh Lord
    A clear mind and
    A sound body that
    I may be able to
    Take the NCLEX test with
    The use of thy wisdom
    Help me not to rely
    On others, but
    To my own self, for
    Everything that I'm doing
    Is for the greater
    Glory of thy name. AMEN.