please help me I failed exam NCLEX RN....

  1. I just found out yesterday that I failed the exam. You know I really did study very hard I don't know why I failed it. My parrents are old and they can't work. I am the only person in my family who works. I didn't work for two months because of my exam but know I feel like I am the big looser in this world. I don't what to do because I really wanna pass this exam. Is anybody out there can help I study for the exam so I can pass ....
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  3. by   RN28MD
    I am not sure what kinda studying did you do but keep in mind that the NCLEX is tricky. You can have all the knowledge and still fail it. Also know that the best nurses I have ever met failed the exam once or twice when they first started. Do not feel like a looser. You are not the only one. WHen I graduated some of the top students failed it.

    You can study all the review books out there but i found the KAPLAN review book to be the best. It actually garantees a passing score. I even took the Kaplan review course ( i think a wk ) or less. BUt I found the Book to be the same. You just have to read it word for word. It shows you the tricks of the exam. I loved it! Try that if you already haven't. IF you would like to PM me feel free to do so. Good luck
  4. by   sillysee
    Don't be to hard on yourself. Sometimes we over study and or over analyze the questions. I also failed it my first time and, yes, I took it hard but just pick yourself back up and find a different way of studying because obviously that study method did not work. I just took it my second time this past monday and hoping the best but, again, if I fail that is what I have to do. Life is hard having to be the breadmaker and caretaker at the same time. I have children and also have to work for a living to pay bills and rent. I can understand your frustration. Just keep trying. You'll make it, I promise. Some people just have to work a little harder than others to succeed but that make them better in the long run. I know you feel like your a failure but you are not. The NCLEX is very hard and tricky. Don't ever let anyone say that it wasn't because they just like to feed off your ego. Pick yourself back up and start studying a new way. YOU CAN DO IT! (Nike) LOL.
  5. by   EzBSN
    its alright to feel the way you are feeling at the moment... cry it out....
    but remember, you are not the only one who experienced such weakness..
    get up and study again... dont give up..
    there is always a time to shine..
    believe in your faith and in yourself...
  6. by   flyinghigh
    Just blv in it that---everything happens for a reason.
    Please do not lose hope.Keep faith and hope alive.Try again.if you had put your hard work but still could not make it this time,try to recall your study plans and methods adopted for preparation and then evaluate what were you lacking in?
    Follow Suzanne4 's study plan.i feel that is the best one.all the will make it next time -go ahead.move not stop,do not think negative.we will pray for you to give u strength .
  7. by   greema
    Thank you very very much all of you. I fell little better now. Please pray for me if you can because God is one biggest hope for every one. Than you every one......