Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

  1. This kinda worried me now. Some tester have done this I think ... the trick to re-register again to Pearsonvue . If it lets you register and pay again that means you failed and if stop you from paying that means you passed. Well I haven't gotten my result yet and I tried the trick and it lets me pay and went all the way to almost to confirm my order but I didn't ... Does this mean that I failed the NCLEX-PN??

    Can someone help me please? I am scared and I can't sleep now. I have another week or two wait for my result ... I stopped at 85. Does this mean I failed the exam? Please help


    Here are the exact steps to see if you passed or failed the nclex exam on the Pearsonvue web site:

    1) go to NCLEX Examinations :: Pearson VUE.
    2) select the 'test taker services' tab at the top.
    3) click 'register' on the right side.
    4) click the 'credit card' link.
    5) click the 'sign in' link in the second sentence.
    6) enter your username.
    7) enter your password.
    8) click the <sign in> button.
    9) click 'register' on the left side.
    10) select your test type.
    11) click the <next> button.
    12) select your country.
    13) click the <next> button.
    14) answer the yes/no questions.
    15) select your country again.
    16) select your state.
    17) type in your city.
    18) click the <search> button. a list of schools should appear.
    19) select your school.
    20) select the month and year of your graduation.
    21) select your board of nursing.
    22) click the <next> button.

    Very important: At this point, if you get a pop up that says 'the candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time.', it has nothing to do with passing or failing; it just means that they are reviewing your records due to random reviews that they conduct, or because they needed to locate some data or papers, etc. This means you will possibly have to wait a few more days than your friends who did not get this message. If you get the message 'our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time.', that means you passed. If you do not get either message and go straight to the credit card information page, that means you did not pass.

    Your Pearsonvue account must state that delivery is successful before you try the trick
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  2. Poll: Did you get the Good pop up or bad pop up

    • Good pop up - Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam

      93.59% 336
    • Bad pop up- Goes straight to credit card details

      6.41% 23
    359 Votes
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  4. by   shellshock
    What state are you in? I tried it, too, because I can't sleep either!! I got the screen that said my results are not available yet. It doesn't sound at all like what some of you are seeing. I'm in Illinois.

    Good luck to you...I got 75 questions on the NCLEX RN.
  5. by   shellshock
    I was just asking what everyone thinks about the # of questions a person gets has to do with a pass or fail. Everyone seems to think I passed because I only got 75....they keep saying that getting SATA ?'s are a good sign because those are the harder ?'s......but I could have done very poorly just as easily.

    My heart truly goes out to those of you that can't use the "Quick Results" feature!! I am curled up in a fetus position and I only have to wait 48 hours!! I am down to 5 1/2 hours now. It's agony!
  6. by   2brichielpn08
    Im in CALIFORNIA....This is really horrible. It lets me pay again..I dont want to say i FAILED until
    i get my mail and see it on my own eyes that i failed..I mean whats the truth on this????They wont even
    tell you over the phone what is your result how reliable is the pearson vue trick????Its getting me mad and frustrated..after all this wait if i found out i failed...I would be devastated...I put my life and every emotions on this exam and this stupid trick will just tell me i failed because it lets me pay again to reregister...grrrrr!
  7. by   shellshock
    Please don't count yourself out!! Especially not over this "trick" does NOT sound reliable at all to me. From reading the other posts about it there are many who say it's not a good trick.

    I understand your worry....I, too, have soooo much riding on this. Hang in there. And understand that what's done is done, so try to accept that in your mind.
  8. by   2brichielpn08
    There is at least two or three poster here that tried it and it said it works for them. It didnt let them pay and they If that trick works then maybe i should just register now since it let me register and that means i FAILED. Then i dont have to wait for freaking 4 weeks for my result since this people who tried knows it works...

    I know its already done . I just want to know how reliable this "pearsonvue trick" and the reason why some people here tried it and tell everyone they passed because of it???Its horrible..the waiting its already an agony for some people and they have this trick they depend on it..Maybe i should call pearson vue and ask them myself..
  9. by   2brichielpn08
    This is the only way to find out if this 'trick' is true or not is to call Pearsonvue tomorrow..
    I guess they will tell me the truth..or either that at least they will tell me that this trick is unreliable...
  10. by   kt2100
    i took mines on Feb 7, and still waiting for results in cali. i tried that trick and it let me go all the way to payment option, and i guess i will get my results either this week or early next week. i will let you know did i pass or not, but its seems very funny because i feel i did very well on the nclex but who knows, just hang in there and think of something else and enjoy that its finally over for now
  11. by   jenhope
    How soon after taking the exam did you all try the Pearson Vue trick?
  12. by   2brichielpn08
    I feel the same way. When i walked out of the testing center I feel good about it. And i know that
    i answered right on my last question before it shut down. So I dont know..cant say anything..
    I have to schedule my self for work even in my days off just to forget about this things..It really
    gets me emotionally drained after all those time studying and putting off my family and even myself
    on things that i like to do for fun..NOW im stuck and cant think of anything..i cant even sleep at bothers me and im worried...:typing
  13. by   kt2100
    i was reading the website and saw someone mention about it and at that time i tried it, that was about a week later that i tried it.
  14. by   jenhope
    I'm wondering if it would work immediately. I took the exam yesterday and came out in tears. I'm just looking for any shred of hope that I might have passed. I tried the trick today and Pearson Vue would not let me register again. Dont know if that actually means anything, but I'm really hoping.
  15. by   2brichielpn08
    What do u mean would not let you register? How did you do it? Did you go all the way to payment and confirm the payment? What did it say that you can register? Did u put your credit card number? So is that mean you passed then?