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  1. Hey guys! I just wrote my exam today at 0800 am, May 29th/18. I have wrote 2 times before this and tried the Pearson Vue trick and received the "bad pop up". Both times were accurate as I failed. Today, I checked an hour and two hours after writing 265 questions and got the "good pop up". However, I've heard that you rarely pass with 265 and as much as I felt like I was doing amazing in the beginning as I had many SATA questions, I felt like the end was a guessing game for the last 100 questions. Can this still mean that I passed or should I not get my hopes up? I already feel like I failed but could I be wrong? Or did I try too early?
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  3. by   hmm89
    I've heard that the "good" pop up is 99.99% correct, so I think the third time's the charm for you! Keep us updated though, and good luck!!
  4. by   Momtoabeautyboy
    Thank you so much!! I'm truly hoping and praying!! I'm a huge ball of nerves. I will certainly let you know!
  5. by   masonicusRN
    I have heard that there are some "false negatives" with the bad pop up, but no "false positives" with the good pop up. In other words, you are probably good to go. Best of luck! And I am just curious, how long did 265 take you? (I sit for my NCLEX very soon.)
  6. by   Momtoabeautyboy
    Perfect, thank you!! I'm just hoping I'm not the small percentage of people that would get a false positive as that is just my luck. Well, I have anxiety so it took me 5 1/2 hours but that was with breaks. I probably had at least 45-60 minutes total in breaks. Good luck!! I'm sending positive vibes your way!! Be confident and remember you can do this!
  7. by   Mykidsmylife
    I pray you pass your test. Did you get the 30 mins experiment questions?
  8. by   Momtoabeautyboy
    I did but I didn't do it as the testing Center told me I could by pass it!! Was I right in doing this or did they mislead them?? And thank you so much!! All you guys' prayers mean so much?
  9. by   NeverGaveUp86
    Hey! I'm praying hard that the good pop ups we received are accurate and reliable. I have read in forum where students have passed taking 265 questions. I love the fact that you didn't allow the first attempts deter you from striving to get to that end goal! Big props to you! I took my NCLEX for the first time today at 8am and left in a haze. I did not leave that test feeling remotely confident at all. I scoured the Internet looking for stories similar to mine and whether or not the PVT trick was indeed accurate. If I may ask, in your previous attempts, how long after your test did you wait to try the PVT trick? I tried it at the 2-hour and 4-hour mark and it showed me the good pop-up. I'm a little nervous to celebrate prematurely as I don't want to get my hopes up for not so great news.
  10. by   Momtoabeautyboy
    Hey! thank you I found out today I passed!! So it was in fact true and worked! I tried it an hour after and kept trying ! But apparently they will block you from trying to keep registering after three attempts so you have to get them to unrestrict your account! I wish you all the best but I would say you are good to start celebrating!!! Congrats!!
  11. by   Rebeeksma
    Hi all,
    Took the nclex-rn Tuesday. A couple classmates also took the test at the same time. We went home and tried the Pearson vie trick. It worked for both of them, they got the good pop up. I, on the otherhand, didn't. I got to step 2 of 3 on the Pearson website. It just said "please proceed with purchase... " I used my credit card with wrong exp. I did it correctly. I was devastated. I read and read online about how many people did this trick and it predicted it correctly. I cried.

    I think the point is, don't try it. It doesn't work for everyone. If you've ever taken statistics, I'm sure what you read on blogs about this trick only gets talked about when it works. I'm here to say it's bs. It didn't work for me and I wish I would have just waited until the next day to see my results.

  12. by   ALEverett
    Hi everyone! My husband and I are planning on moving from Mississippi to Hermiston OR with in the next year. What is the hourly rate for RNs there? All my experience is in LTC. I've worked as an LPN on the floor and as staff development RN and DON. Just trying to figure things out. Thanks!
  13. by   newnurse Fresno
    Did you find out later that you passed?
  14. by   MJT_BSN2B
    Quote from amberlys94
    Did you find out later that you passed?
    I was wondering this too regarding Rebeeksma's comment.