Pearson Vue trick, ATI, NCLEX RN mastery

  1. Just giving back to all those that helped me on here. I took the nclex on feb 10 2018. 75 questions. Pearson VUE gave me the good pop up. I checked numerous times. Found out I passed today Feb 12 at 9am on Arizona state board of nursing. 31 SATA, one place in order, multiple priortizarion, patient education, delegation, couple cardiac strips.

    To give you an idea of the type of student I was in school I mostly crammed for exams but always passed. 3.5 GPA. I think I was just a decent test taker.

    For preparation I used NCLEX RN Mastery primarily. Great app with a solid question bank. I also purchased nclex mastery's simulation predictors and they both gave me a 90% likelihood of passing first try. I also used ATI in school. I didn't like ATI during school but the green light program at the end was helpful. Not the coach, just all the questions they provide you.

    I felt like both NCLEX mastery and ATI questions were more challenging than the actual NCLEX which is of course a good thing. They prepare you.

    Good luck everyone on your future NCLEX success!
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  3. by   Gml2095
    Definitely depends on the person. I thought it was harder, but that could be because I was sleep deprived and stressed out....and wasted my time on a study guide that didn't help at all. In hindsight i would have practiced questions. And yes, that NCLEX mastery app is great. Regardless I still passed. But was on the line all the way to the end. I got lucky. How many questions did you have?
  4. by   ponyboy86
    Yes definitely depends on the person. 75 questions. How bout you? I was fairly certain I had passed when it shut off but as the day went by I started to stress. All nurses helped me out with that. Were you stressing?

    I was all about the practice questions. If I came across something I didn't understand I just looked it up. There were also a number of them where I had no idea so just had to make an educated guess which is pretty common. If you're able to eliminate at least two it really boosts your chances.

    I recommend nclex mastery to anyone. Great app. Their reviews speak for themselves.
  5. by   Gml2095
    Lol I did horrible [relatively speaking] and was on the line through question 265 after 6 hours!
    Like I've been doing all my life.... I procrastinate. Yes i looked at most 300 questions on the app but it was over a 2 month time period. Yes i bought Saunders but never touched it, aside from reading the first 2 pages. What I did was cram the last several days and memorize/study this 35 page study guide that's passed around on online forums. Thought if I had that down I'd be a-ok. Nope. I felt like it didn't help me at all. I really should have done thousands of questions AND have read Saunders months in advance. Or at least have studied the areas I'm weak in. So I was afraid nonetheless. I've always crammed. I got by decently but never fully excelled because of it. But I am very smart.
    Lol- I also assumed that I'd be out before 100 questions and only for an hour and a half. So the stress came from the complexity of the questions, the fact that it never shut off and went on forever, the fact that I was sleep deprived and stressed and had to read each question several times, and for the fact that it felt like I was getting most of them wrong. I also had a crap ton of SATA and priority. Single choice questions were a rarity.
    But hey, it ended up turning out in my favor and I'm very greatful for it. I expect myseld to be on top of everything as a nurse.
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  6. by   ponyboy86
    I also just want to reiterate that the Pearson Vue "trick" rang true for me. I know lots of people are interested in this. If you have an experience with this please share.
  7. by   ponyboy86
    Man that sounds rough. I couldn't have imagined sitting for more than 75 questions. That took me 2 hours alone. I honestly felt that If I finished in 75 that would mean I passed. To fail in75 means you probably know absolutely nothing or you are riddled with test anxiety. Neither of which I thought applied to me. Were you exhausted after testing that long?
  8. by   Gml2095
    Omg yeah. I was tempted to start clicking answers towards the end. Also knew I had to watch the time. My dad was waiting for me for 6 hours lol. We were exhausted and hungry as hell. After some food we felt much better and I started to accept my perceived failure.
  9. by   RnCristine
    YES! Pearson Vue definitely works! I took my test on March 7 and found out I passed on March 9.

    I tried the pearson vue trick 10 mins after and got the good pop - up. Of course they say, once you check you won't stop checking until you are posted on BON; So I checked again after receiving the confirmation email for taking the test, 1 hour later... 24 hours later.... 40 hours later and got a good pop - up every time. I finally saw my name on BON on March 9 at 3:45 AM!
  10. by   ponyboy86
    So awesome! Congrats! Isn't it such a great feeling being finished? No more studying nclex based material. Now off to learn how to be a real nurse with real on the job training.

    How did you prepare for the NCLEX?
  11. by   MsDeb1978
    This trick does not work i just did it!! I cried for a an hour before i just went ahead and paid the $7.95 for the quick results. And i passed!!!!!