Pearson Vue- HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

  1. I took my PN exam in 2007, and got married 3 months later. Had my name changed to my current married name. Done.

    NOW, I am graduating next week as an RN, and registered on Person Vue to take the NCLEX exam. THE at first I could not register because for some reason they had my maiden name on their site which would not let me register without updating my profile, hence therein lies the problem! After phone calls to Person Vue who told me I had to call PA SBON who told me my current name is on their site (SBON), and that I had to clear up this issue with Person Vue , they got my current name correct on their site. I logged in the next day and it was correct. Today I logged onto Pearson's site and they have my name back as my maiden name!!! ! But my receipt via email for my registration says my billing info name is my current/correct name, but they name on shipping info (which is the same address by the way), is my maiden name!!

    Has ANYONE had this problem with Pearson Vue before??? I don't understand how they can keep screwing this up when it was correct last week! I fear I am going to get my ATT and it will have my maiden name on it, and then I'll have to start all over! !

    Help Please!!!!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Wait for your ATT, worst case scenario bring your marriage certificate showing your maiden name along with your state ID/driver's license when you go to test. It's not the first time someone got married between nursing school and NCLEX.
  4. by   TinaQK
    Hi. I saw your post, and I'm having the same problem. When I scheduled my NCLEX exam on Pearson Vue website it was correct with my new married name. When I went back to the website it changed back to my maiden name. I called Pearson Vue, and they said call your BRN to correct your name. I did already before I even scheduled my exam. Pearson Vue said that I can bring my marriage license, and it will be okay. I'm nervous about it, because I don't want to be turned away. Do you have any advice you can give? I see you took your test already a while back.
  5. by   mae8
    any update on this post? I have the same issue. did pearson vue let you take the test with the marriage license? was the last name on ur ATT correct?