Pearson view says hold breeze says pending CALIFORNIA

  1. Tomorrow marks a week that I have been waiting I have no idea what is going on. Has anybody encountered this? It’s driving me crazy. I can’t even get through the BON their apparently having a high call volume. This is insane I wish I knew what was going on.
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  5. by   jewels08
    Can you give more info to your situation? Are you just applying for NCLEX examination? I have had my exam app pending for over a month - finally today it says my prerequisite transcripts are not there even though I sent them 2 months ago.
  6. by   Midnightmocha
    I took my NCLEX almost two weeks now and on Pearson I kept getting my results were on hold. Today I tried and got “the good pop up” but I’m still pending on breeze. So I can not say for sure what is going on. Apparently my test was being audited. They told me that Pearson or the NCSBN was holding my exam and hadn’t released it yet for whatever reason.
  7. by   Midnightmocha
    I’m guessing my problem is my results being released to the BRN. But I’m not sure what is going on now breeZe still says pending I’ll check again tomorrow.
  8. by   jewels08
    Was there any problems that occurred during your test? Thats terrible you have to wait so long, but it seems like there isnt anything you can do except keep waiting.
  9. by   Midnightmocha
    I remember my hand would scan they did it like 5 times I also remember before I even took it they had to call to verify my name they had my name written in the wrong order.
  10. by   Midnightmocha
    Exactly the waiting game . It is the worst feeling on earth. I try to stay busy hikes, binge watch NARCOS lol still check
  11. by   NewgradNurse88
    OMG! This is happening with me right now! I've never heard of anyone else having this problem until now. Whatever happened with you!??
  12. by   Midnightmocha
    Hello I found out I passed. And that I finished the exam too fast.