Patients diets high/ low in protein, fats, and carbs???

  1. Hi. Does anyone know of an easy way to know what type of patients with their diseases/ disorders would have a diet high/ low in proteins, fats, and carbs? Those are always big NCLEX questions and I still seem to be getting them wrong.

    Isn't your liver or your stomach supposed to have a lot of protein or is it decreased amounts of protein? Can you see how I need help??? UGGGHHHHH
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  3. by   penasco man
    I know that if you have liver (cirrhosis etc) issues you want to limit proteins as the liver breaks down the ammonia produced as the biproduct of protein metabolism into urea which is excreted via the kidneys (buildup of NH4 =hepatic encephalopathy/coma= change in LOC initially-liver flap ). If you have pancreas issues you would want to limit food/ fats all together because eating stimulates the release of the digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas (exocrine) which aid in the digestion of fats. You want to limit carbos because it is sugar and the pancreas isn't kicking out insulin (endocrine) so you go into hyperglycemia and may cause the pt to become diabetic from them on from the digestive enzymes destroying the beta cells in the pancreas. Hope this helps.
  4. by   kemerick
    Thank you for taking the time to help, which did help very much. It makes a little more sense now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!