1. I failed my N-CLEX the first time with 265 Questions. I was so crushed I ended up in the hospital with gastritis because i vomit when I get upset. 2 weeks later after going through sickness and depression I got a plan together to study for NCLEX again. This time for 3 weeks I ate, slept, and breathed NCLEX. I used HURST and UWORLD. The first time I used Kaplan and it was terrible. I hate kaplan because they give people false hope and you don't really learn what you need to know for NCLEX. Hurst has the content and UWORLD has the questions and content. Together they are unstoppable. Using HURST all i did was watch the lectures and fill out the book. I studied the key points in the book but did not study the book to much. I made my own list of important facts hand-written (about 10 pages) from the HURST book and memorized the information. Next I watched YouTube videos on the basics (Insulin Types, Blood, ABGs, ect.) I also made my own labs sheet explaining everything about labs. I learned once you know the labs and what they do to the body you'll start getting a lot of questions right. Then I moved on to UWORLD. I only completed about 1300 questions from the program but that seemed to be more then enough. I did remediation with every question even if I got it right. The facts I did not know off the top of my hand I would write in my NCLEX notebook. Every night before I went to bed I would set aside about 30 minutes and ready my notes from the day out loud to myself. This helps with long term memory. At the end of my studying I had a notebook and a half of notes from UWORLD, A binder full of loose pages from hurst and my own studying from YouTube and such, and a couple note cards just with like labs and stuff on them (basic stuff). Going into the NCLEX this time I knew I had it. I gave it my all and you have to truly believe that this is just a test and it will not beat you. UWORLD I started getting 50's and ended getting like 60s-70s. YOU CAN DO THIS! PRAY PRAY PRAY! You need to believe you are a nurse and you can do this. If anyone needs my help I can give great advice.


    -Victoria RN, BSN Rutgers Alumni
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    I'm so glad I read this it helps already thank you!
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    Congrats on a job well done.
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    Congrats! Can you share to me your revuew materials....That's a big help...Thanks
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    Inspirational. Thanks!