Passed NCLEX-RN!!!

  1. I wanted to post another success story! I know personally when I was preparing for NCLEX, seeing all the failed stories were discouraging. So here's a success story! I had 75 questions and finished in about a hour & 45 mins. I did the PVT trick about 3 hours later an got the good pop up. Today at 1050 am I found out I passed an my board of nursing posted my license number!
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  3. by   mwc1230
    When did you take it?
    I took mine yesterday and the suspense is killing me!
    I also finished with 75 and got the good pop up but I'm so nervous!
  4. by   chatcha
    Congrats!! How did you prepare on the NCLEX?
  5. by   newbieRN724
    I took mines yesterday too! I think the suspense is the worst part
  6. by   newbieRN724
    Thank you! I prepared by using NCLEX 4000 and using the ATI mentor app an their website
  7. by   mwc1230
    I'm dying!!! Lol
    I used Hurst.
  8. by   ZhenXu8785
    Hi,I took my yesterday,where I can find the result?!
  9. by   susanobafemi
    hi everyone,i ave being studying for nclexrn using qbanks and qtraners scores are q1 57,q2 53,q3 59,q4 58 ,q5 57 q6 60 q7 63.MY scores on qbanks so far has ranged btw 55- 68,i scored 72 once on qbank .i intend to takemy test in first week of march
  10. by   newbieRN724
    You can pay to find out your results early or to ease anxiety you can do the PVT trick. It worked for me and a lot of others that have used it. My board of nursing posted the results up the day after my exam (which is today), so i didn't have to wait too long.
  11. by   newbieRN724
    I had kept hitting refresh on the license and verification page on the board of nursing website. It felt like i was in nursing school again waiting for my instructors to post grades lol
  12. by   ZhenXu8785
    My pages shows"Your Board of Nursing does not participate in the Quick Results Service.
  13. by   mwc1230
    I wish mine would show up!
  14. by   newbieRN724
    I know different state boards vary with the quick results or just posting them in general. I'm now an advocate for the Pearsonvue trick. Don't sweat if you got the good pop up!