Passed NCLEX-RN with 180 questions! - page 2

Hello, I took the exam last week and passed on my first try with 180 questions! I barely passed nursing school so I knew I had to work hard to pass the NCLEX. So I studied for about two months.... Read More

  1. by   Dianna11
    Quote from Yokharis
    This is my second go at it. First time I had a panick attack. But, I am using Uworld, I had the NCSBN, Mastery APP. I completed Uworld, but I re did the questions section by section. The priority, then the basic care and comfort, renal, cardiac, maternity. and I talk it out about why each answer is wrong or right. The NCSBN expired but I didn't like their QBank. So right now Just Uworld, oh, and the 35 page guide. I feel pretty confident. Remember, we only have to get 50 pct right above that line. That first question is going to mean everything!!!
    Where can I find that 35 page guide? Someone said is here on allnurses?
  2. by   Preparing Nclex
    Congrats!!! How did you do on your Q-Trainers on kaplan and the readiness exam? i'm planning on taking the nclex Sept 24th, this coming saturday. I'm no so sure whether to reschedule not not.