Passed NCLEX-pn FOURTH time taking it. - page 2

Yes, you read that right, I took the NCLEX-pn FOUR times. Before the victory I had to endure three devastating hurtful fail attempts. Before slaying that monster, I felt like a failure and a loser at... Read More

  1. by   FaithGurl93
    YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY CONGRATS! God is a way-maker. Love your determination for not giving up. You go!!!
  2. by   skbgirl
    Congrats, the only time we fail is when we give up!!!
  3. by   Ivyblue
    Congratulations! I just applied online for license and nclex. I did on the 2nd, still waiting for date to test. Any recommendation on how to study...what book to focus on? Also, how long before they sent you a date to test after applying?

    Thank you very much.

    Again, congratulations on your success!!
  4. by   Dudelove
    I used Saunders 5th edition and Kaplan NCLEX-PN: Strategies, Practice, and Review. And remember... Assessment first BUT if you already assed the pt, apply the ABC's trick if appropriate for the situation.I appreciate all the comments,Thanks.
  5. by   Ivyblue
    Thank you very much!