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  1. Dear Friends at,

    I just would like to thank everyone in This website helped me a lot in passing my NCLEX for the first time with 75 questions. I learned a lot from this website, got tips for NCLEX and what kind of books and reviewers to use. To all of you future NCLEX test takers, I want to let you know that I passed my NCLEX without enrolling in any review school, nor enroll in any online courses. I just use the books that were suggested in this website. Here is the list of books that I use:

    1. Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX with CD by Silvestri
    I believe this is a must to have. I really use this the most.
    2. Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by La Charity
    Another must have book. It helps me a lot on prioritization. By the way on my exam I have lots of SATA.
    3. Kaplan Strategies, Practice and Review
    I read it twice, but most important to know and understand is the Maslow, If you know Maslow by heart it will help you a lot on your test and understand the topic.
    4. Lippincotts Q&A
    Good for practice, but I think the questions are sometimes harder than NCLEX.

    5. CD from Medical Surgical Nursing by Smeltzer

    6. Many free questions from the internet which I also got from this website.

    I studied every single day and most of all I prayed a lot to our Lord and to Mama Mary. If you failed the exam, just relax and pray and do the exam again. I know it is easy to say to relax, I myself was so nervous before my exam but as you are answering the questions you became more at ease.

    Again, thank you To all of you NLCEX test takers GOODLUCK!!!
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