Passed NCLEX 1st try, 75 questions. How?

  1. Here are some ideas about the NCLEX. I read a lot of Allnurses posts before taking the test, and heard from people who had not made it after several tries. I want to help.

    • First thing, try to go to a REALLY good school. My school's tests were much harder than the NCLEX so I was pleasantly surprised come test day.
    • Review your notes for the school's tests as well as NCLEX books. This will remind you of the background, and since it's familiar material in a familiar format, it will stick.
    • I studied from the Kaplan book as well as the Saunders (yellow) book, cover to cover, as well as reviewing all my school notes.
    • Know your labs really well, learn to recognize normal as well as abnormal.
    • Review all content! I was weak on Ob/maternal-child, so studied it like crazy - and only got one question on it! I got no calculations, but probably 40% of my questions were "select all that apply" or "Put the steps in order." So...
    • practice the alternate format questions.
      I studied for about 6 weeks before taking the plunge. Don't be in a hurry.

    So far I have heard that everyone in my class who took the test has passed, most of us with 75. It was the LVN-RN program at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA. I can't praise this program enough. The instructors, the students, the way we all worked together and helped each other. They even offered a free Telemetry Certification class. Just :heartbeat!

    Best of luck to all who are still waiting to be successful. You WILL make it, with enough study.
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  3. by   CariocaRN

    I also passed after only 75 questions and I have to agree.

    I was in a panic, but believe me, if you graduated from a good school you will be pleasant surprised with the NCLEX. You endured what most people were not able to and graduated from nursing school. You can do this!!!

    Review your weakest points, know your lab values, know your infection control (different types of precautions, etc). I personally did not study a book "cover-to-cover". I focused on studying my weakest points and used the Kaplan questions to reinforce the material I did know.

    Remember, you won't know everything and that's okay. No nurse knows EVERYTHING, especially not one fresh out of nursing school. I was beating myself up because I felt unprepared. If you feel like I did, just take a deep breath and remember - All you need to do is get more right than wrong answers.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!! The information is all in your brain, you've studied this before, you got this. Don't doubt yourself!!

    Now go out there and kick some butt!!!
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