Passed my NCLEX with a Bad Pop-up. Praise the Lord!

  1. Hey guys.. I thank God that i can share my experience here with you.. I took the NCLEX-RN last September 27, 2012 and I really prayed earnestly for it (that I may pass and just answer 75 items). One of my prayers was answered at that time (finishing at 75) then i was truly joyful praising God for that. Of course i knew about this pop up thing and when i went home (with my bibimbop fixed from a nearby Korean store at pearsonvue) I fasted until 1pm-- i thought it'd be better to eat it after i see my pop-up. So i waited with a hungry tummy.. and 1pm came, i lost my appetite, my bibimbop was no longer gastronomic and appealing----IT WAS A BAD POP-UP, Credit card hello.. I was really sad, i cried (normal thing to do i guess). And i told my family that i didn't pass. I started to ask the Lord why? during my morning devotion He told me it wasn;t time yet and i just need to BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH. (ever since my morning devotion was not to be afraid and believe.. but then, i was still depressed hoping for a miracle. i started to plan for a review class because i did self review with this exam. i waited and still prayed.. prayed and even begged to the Lord to just reverse the result. this morning 30th, Joel Osteen talked about asking God over and over again and begging for something, He said it shouldnt be like that.. we should Pray and switch to praise. And i thought, this message is for me. I praise God everyday but still i beg Him as well. then my i realized God heard my first prayers (to pass and answer 75 items) and I know that the answers were on their way. so i praised God, then my sister called and asked if i passed my exam.. i told her (how many times do i have to tell you that i didn't?--still negative..hehe) then something enetered my mind to check pearsonvue. and there, i paid $8 for the quick result.. and praise God my status was "pass"! Guys dont despair if you got the bad pop-up.. its not yet the final result. if you prayed to the Lord earnestly that He may help you pass, always BELIEVE and wait for His timing.. Never complain and be dismayed. Miracles do happen when you trust in Him. He has the final say. God bless
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  3. by   Nurseceline2012
    Amen to this and congratulation to you
  4. by   hopefaithlove26
    Praise and Glory to God !! Congrats and THANK GOD!!
  5. by   tanya2012
    Congrats! Everything is possible with God
  6. by   Jory
    Congrats but I'll be didn't mention anywhere in your post where your results were "delivered" before you checked.

    Waiting a certain time limit is have to make sure your results were in delivered status.

    The only people I have ever seen get the "bad" pop-up and found out that they passed, their results were not in "delivered" status.

    The PVT works...but you have to use it right.
  7. by   ashevilleboxer
    Congratulations!!! 75 questions outstanding, What did you use to study for the NCLEX?
  8. by   amarysse
    ok that freaked me out... lol actually i paid $8 for the quick result and i got my receipt from pearsonvue.. then they put in my exam's status "pass".. it's the quick result thru the net and the mail which am waiting is yet to come. i really dunno what you ment by delivered.. before i took my nclex the status was "delivered"... then when i took my exam it was "not available" then when i paid for the result it was "pass"...
  9. by   amarysse
    oh honestly i studied only 3 books.. the nclex 3500, Cracking Nclex and some drills.. u know to tell you the truth, i wasn't prepared to take it coz i felt i knew little but twas God who made me pass.. twasnt really me i believe..thanks
  10. by   amarysse
    I do believe that PVT does work, I just want to share my experience so that those people who are and will be in the kind of situation that i was before wouldn't despair that much and think that there's still hope thru prayers... thanks...=)
  11. by   ships
    Congrates dear.which types of questions u get in exam I mean how many sata And priority question?
  12. by   MochaDiva18
  13. by   down4michelle24
    I did the PVT tick and it does work. I failed and it took my to the credit card info. I got my result and I failed . So it does work .
  14. by   amarysse
    oh the questions were gruesome... =(( I had like 20 (or even more, i dunno) SATAs the rest prioritizations which I'm of no good in answering.. if it was me, i think i wouldn't have passed it..haha i suggest on focusing on universal precautions (SARS, Strep Pneumonia, bacterial meningitis, HIV, Hep B) then procedures like male catheter insertion, extractiong blood etc.) just study, PRAY and PRAISE.. you can do it if ul get the exam... =)) God bless