Pass thanks to a method after failing 4 times

  1. I am so happy I join this page while I was in here looking I seen this girl say she pass nclex. I already took my boards four times I was going to give up well I tried where she went which was Nclex Tutoring omg I love it. It's a virtual tutor its like everything that you could ever think of combine. Well today I passed thank u for sharing I had to come and share that's the least I could do. Oh it's not only the nclex review they also have tutor for other classes. Am crying tears of joy thank you so much to the member that share thank you you have no idea thank you so much.
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  3. by   Daisy4RN
    Congratulations and best of luck in your career
  4. by   Jessica493
    Thank you
  5. by   futureLVN1
    congrats on passing, i been out of school for 5 years and i have taken nclex 4 times its crazy, I'm to the point giving up too , but someone told me about nclex tutoring which i paid alot of money and im just waiting for their email to send my class schedule, i hope it will be helpful and it looks like it helped you out
  6. by   ambitiousjnyc
    @Jessica493: Congrats, I'm happy for you I know that feeling all too well, you feel like you can finally breathe.
    @futureLVN1: I'm glad you did...that's the second person you know that pass and you will be the "third person" to pass
  7. by   futureLVN1
    thanks for being positive yes hopefully im the third person, i wonder how long it takes for them to send me the timing and schedule i been waiting i haven't heard anything yet , but waiting for emails.
  8. by   futureLVN1
    that website is fraud they took my money and i haven't got anything . WHOEVER IS USING THIS PLEASE DO NOT GET IT PLEASE
  9. by   futureLVN1
    actually this was misunderstanding there is another website that got mixed up with this website.incorrect.
  10. by   FutureRN00
    what is the correct site as I recently took nclex nov 2018 and what should I do?!?!?!
  11. by   futureRNjoy24
    what is the website called?
  12. by   futureLVN1
    what nclex review did you take? the website?
  13. by   futureLVN1
    i believe its nclex tutoring
  14. by   futureLVN1
    THE correct site is nclex tutoring thats the name of the review , i haven't started yet but there is a couple people saying its a good review and so lets see if i pass because i been struggling and this will be my 5 time for nclex. what is the review you took?