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well boy did i have a shock i checked the nursing board website at 5.30am and found that i had passed:hatparty: . i am in total shock , i had convinced myself i failed as it cut at 85. thanks to... Read More

  1. by   micaj
    Quote from BlaqButterflyy
    I am happy for you. My exam shut off at 86, and I think i failed it because I think I answered the final question incorrectly. I am praying to find out that a miracle took place and I passed! Unfortunately, I live in California, which means I cannot get the Quick-results thingie. oh hum....

    Awww try not to be so hard on yourself. When I came out of the room after taking the test I was so convinced that I had no questions right. It is an awful strain having to wait. Can you not go to your state board website and do a check to see if they have issued a license for you? that is what I did here in VA.Let us know how you get on. Keep strong, I wish you lots of luck
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!! now go celebrate!