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  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has posted positive and useful information. I recently took the Nclex on Sept 12th 2007. Unfortunately I did not pass. This was my first attempt. I got a lot of select all that apply questions, about 8 meds, the rest priority, delegation and a lot of content questions about conditions. I had zero calculation questions. I learned about the Saunders Comprehensive Review and also NCSBN's Review for the NCLEX Examination.. I was thinking about using both of these to prepare for my second round. It's very nice to see all the support from others on here. Its kind of intimidating at first and one can get easily discouraged but luckily we have this site and each other. Once again Thanks to everyone for your input and emotional support.

    Regards from Puerto Rico.
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  3. by   tflorn
    sorry to hear but dont feel bad. youve come to the right place. I failed too in july. doin suzannes plan w/ saunders now. stay positive. u will pass next time.
  4. by   cubano30
    Hi tflorn. Thanks for your support. I have a question that I would like to know your input about. I sent Suzanne a pm but not sure how long till she responds and I don't want to be a burden.

    I would like to get your feedback about the Saunders Book. My concern is that in Suzanne's plan she made mention about using most current edition. The third edition is the one many people have been using and have succeeded. However I found out that the NEW 4TH EDITION Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN will be available as of Oct 15th, 2007. Would you say that I should wait for the new edition? or would you think that I should stick to the 3rd edition people have been using?

    I appreciate any input you can give me.

  5. by   tflorn
    IMO, I do not see why you will need the 4th edition. Suzanne is very much aware Im sure and she has not changed anything in her plan to indicate it was needed. Its all the same info Im sure. You really dont need to wait for her to PM you back. If you are interested in using her plan, you should look at the top of the forum where is says " Revised tip of Suzannes plan". You can go ahead and start doing the quizzes at the end of each chapter. And just wait for her response. She is not gonna send u any info reg the 2nd tip til you are done w/ the 1st anyways. Its working good for me, I am only using this one book and am confident on passing my next go round as long as I follow her directions. Being that Ive taken it once already (NCLEX), I know its gonna be beneficial. I am on the 2nd tip now and will prob test next month. A lot of us on this site are using Saunders 3rd edition w/ the CD behind it...thats the one she recommends thus far.
  6. by   tflorn
    oh yeah, suzanne does not make us feel like "burdens". i think she has a regular job and she will respond when she can. not only that but she is very knowledgeable about a lot and helps students all around the world pass this test without charging a single penny. how wonderful of a person is that?? it may seem like you are being a burden, but she responds as soon as she can and whatever she feels is beneficial to your learning and/or needs, she is gonna advise you. not one pm that i have rcvd from her made me feel like she did not care . i trust her and her advise...and i dont even know her (lol). what the heck would us "unsuccessful test-takers" do w/ out her? spend all our money on reviews just to learn a strategy that may not even work. suzanne says that "nclex is not gonna test you on what you learned but how it will be applied". ya gotta love her. be patient. she'll respond.