Need some post NCLEX encouragement!

  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I initially posted on here a few years back when I was struggling to get accepted into a nursing program. I finally did it (and rocked my way through it), and recently graduated!

    I took my NCLEX exam this morning (without telling ANYONE that I was taking it) and I am a nervous wreck. I passed my schools EXIT exam with a 909 (our passing requirement was a 900). Although I was happy to have passed, I was a little worried because my score was so very borderline. My grades were great and I graduated with honors so it wasn't a matter of me not knowing my content, I just get very anxious and distracted when taking (computerized) exams.

    Anyway, I also did a CAT test which was formatted similarly to the NCELX in that the exam will shut off when it determines whether or not you've demonstrated the required competency. I ended up getting the maximum number of questions possible (155) and my score was ranked as "Minimally Acceptable" (I scored a 16.57 and to be considered "Acceptable" you needed to have scored above a 16.60).

    I continued to study using various materials and focused mainly on doing as many computerized practice exams as I could to get myself in the NCLEX groove. An instructor at my school told me she'd except that based on my CAT results I would receive the full 265 questions when taking the NCLEX. My exam shut off at 75 questions and I felt like I was going to die. Not only did I feel like I guessed on the vast majority of the questions, but I was fully expecting my test to continue on past 75.

    When I got home I was shaking and nauseas and I was convinced I'd failed. Although my grades in school were really good, I didn't feel that I did well enough to be able to pass with the 75 questions. I told myself I wasn't going to do the Pearson Vue "trick" because I know a few people who did it and were deceived, but I went for it. First it told me I was already registered for the exam and then a minute later when I tried it again it told me my test results were on hold. Now, I had some issues when I was leaving the exam because the palm reader wouldn't cooperate and the test proctor told me it was fine and I could leave. I've read on here that that could place a possible hold on my exam. Regardless, I definitely feel that I've failed and I have zero confidence that I passed.

    My main reason for this post is to seek out encouragement and support from other nurses out there. I'm sure I'm not the only one whose felt this way after taking the NCLEX, and I just would like to hear from someone whose been through it that whether you pass or not, it's not the end of the world. I can tell myself the same thing over and over again, but it really helps to hear it from someone whose experienced the same thing. It's so weird, because in my mind I keep saying "WHO CARES! SO YOU TAKE IT AGAIN!" but I still feel super depressed about it. I know this is probably ridiculous because I haven't received my results yet, but I have a good intuition and when I feel a certain way in my gut, I'm usually right.

    Any support, encouragement, and words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! And thank you to anyone who took the time to read this extremely long novel of a post (writing it did help to relieve some of my anxiety though )
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  3. by   2013rn2BScorpio
    I'm wishing you nothing but a great outcome. Think POSITIVE! You may already be a RN & just not know it yet. I'm praying tonight that you pass
  4. by   MedSurgNurse78
    Hi there. I pretty much had a lot of the same things happen to me. When I took NCLEX it shut off at 75 and I freaked. I never thought I had it in me to pass at 75 and went in there thinking I'd get at least over 100 questions. I was so upset that I didn't go home for hours after the test cause I didn't want to face my family. I was so stuck on thinking I'd failed and felt horrible about myself. I finally did go home and my family was such an encouragement to me. Turned out I had passed!

    Regardless of whether you passed or not, be proud of yourself. I guessed on so much of that test but still made it through. Yes not passing will be a bit of disappointment but it doesn't mean that you won't be a good nurse or that you're not smart enough. I truly hope everything turns out well for you.
  5. by   NurseInTheMaking3
    Thank you so much! I appreciate your prayers!
  6. by   NurseInTheMaking3
    It's just the worst feeling of anxiety! I'm trying not to be discouraged though! It's so nice to hear from people with the same feelings! I appreciate your kind words! :-D