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    okay well my situation is, Ims cheduled to take the VN test tomorrow (tuesday) 2 PM . I took a 3 day refresher course on friday saturday and sunday. I learned so much in those 3 days. I know alot of people just relax the day before their test which for me is today. but im debating if i should study today and go over alot of the things we went over for the past 3 days OR relax for today and study the day OF the exam. or maybe reschedule it on wednesday so i can study all today and relax tomorrow? please reply and send me your thoughts. thank you in advance and for anyone thats taking you nclex soon, you guys will do great! dont give up and keep going! God Bless!

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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you are considering rescheduling the exam after a three day review at the last minute and studying on the last day, you are probably not ready, and should seriously consider rescheduling. But make the appointment far enough out to insure you have studied enough so that you can afford to relax the day before. Good luck.
  4. by   caribbeanbeauty
    This is a difficult one, only you alone can know if you are truly ready and you have to go with what your gut tells you. However, I will give you my experience with taking the nclex. From many post on here, the advice is not to study a couple of days before taking the exam. Well the day before my exam, I studied, because I felt there were somethingd I had not touched on in a while. I did not do any heavy studying, but mainly browsing and trying to call certain information. I also looked at my labs and went to bed at 11pm. Well I passed my exam and was glad I did run over a couple of things on that day, because a couple of things I went over that day did come on the exam. I am not saying to do that, and it will happen, it my case it worked out for me. If you think you need some more time because of the class you took, you probably should reschedule, but if you feel is just to do a little reading over go over a few things ....maybe you can do just that and be fine..Good Luck
  5. by   Gin0theMC
    thank you for the advice! well before i took the refresher course, ive been doing the q bank and it really helped. one of the resons why i took the refresher course is so i can go over everything before i take the exam. i feel i am ready but i just need to go over the things like caribbeanbeauty said. thank you for the advice and i really appreciate it.