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  1. i graduated from an overseas nurging school and given the go ahead to write nclex-rn by my nursing board,i failed my first attempt.i took a review class online which i think was not effective. i have registered for nclex-pn.
    i usually get about 57-78%. is it ok for me to take the test. i dont want to fail the nclex-pn too.
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  3. by   atomic475
    I know those review courses do not seem worthwhile. I personally felt the same way you do. But I took one offered by my school as a class and I drastically improved, in just 15 weeks I went from a 16 percentile in my class to a 54percentile. My advice, is take more of them, and practice 250-500 nclex questions a day, and review the rationale for those that you get wrong, good luck...
  4. by   suzanne4
    First question would be the type of visa that you have. If not a green card already, or US citizen, then passing of the NCLEX-PN will not be beneficial to you.

    The PN exam also requires a different preparation from the RN exam. Would focus on passing the RN exam if that is what you trained for.

    Check out the stickies at the top of this forum for suggestions for you. Scores as low as you have been getting are not good enough to pass either of the exams in most cases.
  5. by   incubator2007
    i didnot attend school in the usa. the school i contacted advised i take the nclex-rn first before since any class will be a repeation because i have all the coarses to qualify for nclex. what do you think?
  6. by   suzanne4
    I do not agree with what you were told. The things that you need to know for the PN exam are quite different from what you prepared with for the RN exam. And even more so if you did not train in the US.

    I only recommend that you focus on the RN exam, or you are going to be getting another book and spending time on doing that, when you could be preparing for the NCLEX-RN and get it done this next time.

    Check out the first tip of my program that is in a sticky at the top of this forum. It was originally designed for foreign trained nurses that did not even have English as their primary language and they all passed the first time.
  7. by   incubator2007
    does it matter with state you register with for nclex?
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