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  1. Hi...I've tried to look for the practice test from the ncsbn website but I couldn't find it..Does anyone know where I should look and how I can open it??? Thank you.

    The big day is June 23...for now...hopefully..I won't change it because of anxiety.
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  3. by   maolin

    Here is the tutorial - it doesn't have content questions, just shows you what the NCLEX format looks like, how to use the buttons and examples of question formats. It's the same tutorial shown in the beginning of the real thing. Helps to go over it beforehand a couple of times to get used to it so when you sit for boards you aren't using test time to go through the tutorial.

    Good luck to you! I'll be sitting for my exam in 36 hours.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    ncsbn's reviews for the nclex-pn and nclex-rn examinations
    students can study for the nclex-pn and nclex-rn anytime and at their own pace at ncsbn learning extension (
    ( varying costs depending on #days access selected. karen.)
    these completely online courses include these great features:
        • a diagnostic pre-test that helps students develop a personal study plan based on assessment of strengths and weaknesses. you'll find out what areas of the test plan you will need to focus your study.
        • more than 1,100 practice "nclex-style" questions organized into section post-tests and into a massive q&a section.
        • more than 2,000 web pages of comprehensive nursing content organized to the current nclex test plan.
        • 20 highly engaging and interactive exercises organized throughout the course designed to reinforce learning terms and concepts.
        • get instructor feedback on questions through our course conference feature or through email.
        • quickly find more than 55,000 nursing-medical terms and illustrations accessed free through taber's online for your entire subscription.
        • throughout the course you'll find study tips, memory clues, and relaxation techniques created to give a performance edge.


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