NclexPn &&&& Now I wait.

  1. I took my nclex this morning..... o my goodness, it was ruff...I actually have no idea where I stand at this point...I went all the way to 205 and im soooo nervous I have to wait at least 3 weeks for the results via mail. I studdied hard....Kaplan, Saunders, as well as having my Mother who is an R.N. quiz me. I'm not sure any of it helped. I've heard many ppl feel the same way after taking the test..So please if you have taken the test recently and are waiting as I am...Let me know! Good Luck To All!!!! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   gt4everpn
    Well I took my pn test in Sept, I think mostly everyone feels like if they u know failed after the test. You took the test this morning so your brain is still trying to sort things out- Was that ques right, not right, did I put that answer, did I change that answer?, these questions are probably all you can think, not to worry though, If you know that you knew your stuff, and studied strong and hard, I'm sure u should've done good, and if not (not what u wanna here, I know) now u know what to expect and u can... u know... take it over. But! for now relax, do some non- nrsg related activities, and GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   SunnyCaNurse
    Thank-You so much.......Congrats 2 you for totally nailed how I feel...Good grief....this is sooooooooooo stressful..i'll keep you posted....on how things go!
  5. by   Miss LVN
    I know how you're feeling right now. I am still waiting for my results. This wednesday marks the 3rd week since I took my exam. And till today, I am asking myself about answering this and that right and what if the last questions make or break you or blah blah blah. Ya, I think everybody that takes the test feels the same after and it's such a horrible feeling. But lets stay positive so we can see positive results in the mail!! ^o^
  6. by   SunnyCaNurse
    Aughhhhhh I think its gona drive me to an early grave!!!! I did wake up this morning feeling much more positive than yesterday,,,,but yet the questions just keep reacing through my mind...I heard in Cali it takes exactly three weeks and one day to get your please leme know....Good Luck to you!
  7. by   tinamexdoll
    Well i took mine on march 27,2007 and until today no results. i called the boards and they mailed them monday 23, 2007 so i should hopefully recieve it tomorrow. i also got 205 q. good luck to everybody.
  8. by   Star712
    hi! i took the boards april 2nd, got 205 questions also. still no results. i was really unsure about the test. i got a lot of priority and a lot of pharm questions about meds i've never even heard of. good luck to everyone still waiting!!!
  9. by   SunnyCaNurse
    i hate the fact that i got 205 it totally makes me think i failed. the waiting game has totally put me on edge....i pray to god that we all pass....have a sweet day everyone!!!!!
  10. by   Leilah75_RN
    I checked the CA bon today, and my name isnt on it. i am still confident (confident that i passed or failed LOL...) whatever it is, the result will be the start of a new tomorrow...(pass=look for nursing job, fail=review again and find a job)
  11. by   krisann
    Hi everyone that has done your NCLEX, i am graduating in may, is there any tips you could give me to prepare myself for the NCLEX!! Good Luck to all of you!!!!!!!!
  12. by   nursebyfaith
    hey sunnyca! Here is the scoop the best news is that u got a feel for the boards.... the worst news is that u have to wait for 3wks to expect your results (atleast). I took my exam on march 19th and did not get the passing results for a little over three weeks.. (april 13th) since then i mailed the fee off for license and am still waiting for the hard copy. Please try not to torture yourself i do know that it's easier said than done right.. but best of luck too u..And worse case.. you take it again... be patient and have faith!
  13. by   Leilah75_RN
    hey nursebyfaith is it your first time to take the nclex? i am just wondering about the delay. 1st timers usually have delays due to processing of documents, finger prints, school records etc etc..have you checked the BON website for your name before that?

    Congratulations By the way
  14. by   SunnyCaNurse
    Congrats 2 You Nurse By Faith... Im Feeling A Little Better About This Waiting Game...what Is The Bon? Board Of Nursing? I've Checked That Out Myself...but Looks Like Your Name Shows There Once You Have Your This Correct? Ya'll Have A Wonderful Afternoon...&&& If Any Of You Find Out Your Results Please Always Makes Me Feel Great To Know Someone That Has Been Waiting Has Passed!!!!!