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I took my test today and it ended at 78 q's and i am dead nervous. What are the chances of me failing? I didnot get much of factual questions, most of them were general questions. Damn, i am... Read More

  1. by   heatherp75
    [font="comic sans ms"]hey there vaguy

    we're both playing the waiting game now. i also tested yesterday, and this wait is worse than the wait to take the exam itself! i know it's too soon for the results to be there, but every few hours, i can't help but to log in "just in case"! i guess i'm just preparing for tomorrow, you know, making sure i know how to find the appropriate links to find my results! :roll good luck, we're almost there!!!

  2. by   DebbieLynne
    Hey VAguy-

    In case you didn't see my other thread, yesterday's results in VA are available. Call 1-804-662-7636 and type in your SSN. I passed! Good luck to you!

  3. by   DebbieLynne
    Oops - looks like I can't read. You said that you registered in MD. I can't read, but I passed the NCLEX. Good luck again. Try to get some sleep tonight. Chances are with you that you passed!
  4. by   RNKay31
    Quote from DebbieLynne
    Oops - looks like I can't read. You said that you registered in MD. I can't read, but I passed the NCLEX. Good luck again. Try to get some sleep tonight. Chances are with you that you passed!
  5. by   heatherp75
    [font="comic sans ms"]hey koolvaguy,

    don't forget about us, we're all rooting for you!!!!! :smiley_aa

  6. by   koolvaguy
    Thanks all for the wishes but i cant believe my eyes, i feel so down today, cause i failed. I thought i made it but it didnot happen. I dont know what to do now, i studied really hard but i cant believe i FAILED.

    Dont know what to do and how to prepare for it, it looks like this is not going anywhere, I seriously did study real hard. I really feel bad since i had a job offering waiting for me at GUH and now it all went down the hill. I feel so stupid that i couldnot even pass.

    All, please suggest me what do to now and how to get ready for the next test.

    Again thanks a lot again for your motivation and prayers.
  7. by   heatherp75
    [font="comic sans ms"] i'm so sorry! :icon_hug: first of all, you are not stupid!!! this is not a difficult test for nothing! you are not alone! there are several reasons why thursday was not your day, the stress and anticipation alone are enough to make anyone fail! secondly, don't let it get you down for too long! let your family and your friends (including your friends here at allnurses! ) help and support you, and then get back on that horse! look at your calendar and pick a day 45 days from now (or however long your state allows), and schedule your next test before it becomes too diffiuclt to re-schedule! you have completed nursing school and you have the smarts. you just need to become more nclex smart. have you used any of kaplan's resources? if you don't do one of their classes, you could always buy any of their online options. their questions are the most similar to nclex.

    don't stop posting here! you are not alone and we are here to help! good luck and don't give up on yourself!!! :angel2:
  8. by   blessed1702
    I'm sorry to hear your news, I did pray for you, and I will continue to do so! I know it feels like the end of the world (I failed twice and scheduled for Oct 4th) sometimes it's not the right season for some of us?- give yourself some rest for a few days and just pick up your study habits again! I took the Kaplan and NCSBN online reviews the first and second attempts at the NCLEX. This time I've been studying in Saunders and NSNA review books. I don't know what else to do either, but the books seem to be going well with the practice tests- they almost seem too easy. I wish I could be more help to you. I'll be praying for you, I know you'll choose the right study guide.
  9. by   koolvaguy
    Thanks for your motivation. I did KAPLAN and all of the qbank and it looked good while i was doing the tests but it just didnot work out in the real test.

    I wish you all the best to you too, I hope and pray that your third time will be a very successful one, by the way are you able to give 3 tests in a year just wondering, and is it still the 45 days wait for 3rd testing?

    Anyway i will pray for you and wish you luck, May be i should also try saunders, I almost know KAPLAN book by heart now. Dont know what else to follow or do, as i thought i really did very well in the exam but it went the other way, I would like to ask friends to suggest me other option. I hope my second time would be a lucky one for me.

    Thanks, all for your prayers and i hope you keep praying for me.
  10. by   queenvictoria719
    I took the nclex in 1998 and I almost hit 300 and passed. More amazingly, my friend recently took the test at 8 in the morning. 6 ( yes 6!!!!) hours later she was asked to leave and had not finished (very bad test taking abilities!). Ready for this? She passed!!!!!!! I cannot figure this out! I also know someone who finished at 78 and failed! I dont know of anyone who really knows the truth. Good luck, all you need is faith!.
  11. by   koolvaguy
    Thank you all for the support. I think i got over of my failure now and will start my new adventure again. I have asked Suzanne for her guide and hopefully that will help me out this time.

    Well, its really hard to pass 45 days now, as it is already looking like a long road there. I hope i can get it done this time, for meantime please advise me how should i proceed.

    I hope i will be getting your support now and in the future too.
  12. by   blessed1702
    Hey VA-
    I know how you feel, I also thought that I did well on the exams. The minimum is 45 days between exams. Also more $. For this third time I had to re-apply to the BON and get fingerprinted again =more $! I'm so over it already, I'm just going to take the NCLEX Oct. 4th, PASS, and put it behind me! I'm using Saunders and I'm doing most of the exams at 75% (hope it's good enough). I requested Suzannes study plan, but have not recieved a response. Best wishes in your choice of study. As always I will PRAY PRAY PRAY for all!
  13. by   Geena
    Just stick with Saunders - I am a foreign grad and it worked perfectly for me.
    I studied the book - the parts where I scored less than 75% on the exam presented at the end of a chapter. Then I started with the CD. 100Q / day. I passed / 75 q's.
    I got my study tips from Suzanne4
    Cheers, Geena