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So I took the NCLEX today in Boston, it couldn't have been any worse. My fiance and I got lost getting to the place and subsequently got into a fight in which I got out of the car to walk, and had to... Read More

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    OH I know, the job search in Boston is so competitive. Most hospitals also wants BS in nursing before they'll even look at you, unfortunately that's not me. I just moved here from NY and it stinks cause I could have sneezed and had a job if I still lived there. But oh well. If I pass and I find a hospital willing to train I'll let you know KellieNurse06.
    Take care, and thanks to everyone for your support. It's nice to see that people feel the same way you do.
    Awwww.thanks pk!!! I would be very very grateful for that!!! I just got my temp license for RI posted yesterday and got my I go on Jan 29th for my NCLEX test... then I am getting going to get it in was just easier for me to do it this school sent everything in and I just had to apply & have a BCI check done ......Mass was harder to biggie though...I'll be getting my Ma license asap and will still be on the job please still keep me in mind!!! Thanks a million!!!:icon_hug:
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    Throwing up sounds good right now. So I just got a call from a nursing school friend. She took the boards on the 2nd of Jan and passed. Anyhow, she calls to offer support to me, which is amazing, but then we start talking about another girl in our class who just got her license (she tested the same day as I did but in NY). Apparently there is a website that you can go to the state that you were being licensed for and see if your name is on it, well it wasn't there yesterday, and this girl (very nice girl, just bad choice of words) says yeah I look at MA and I didn't see your name today. What? Thanks, make me feel worse.
    I know all the tests are supposed to be the same, but I think hers was easier, we talked about a couple of questions and some of hers were knowledge questions, not the crap I was getting. Whatever, now i'm just getting bitter and I don't want to do that. But it was unnecessary for her to say that to me and make me feel awful.
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    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for your support.
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    Quote from pkin22
    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for your support.
    Yay!!! :hatparty: Congratulations pk!!!! I just did my pinning ceremony tonight with my was bitter sweet!!! I take my test on Jan 29th....I hope I pass as well!!!
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    That's great. Good Luck! Let me know how everything goes!!!
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    Congratulations pkin! I just found out I passed too! I was so scared to look, I suddenly got sweaty pits, the whole thing. But it's over!! Thanks everyone for being out there!
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    Yeah, congratulations!!!! It feels so good doesn't it?
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    CONGRATS, IT!!!! Today seems like a great day for all of us so far!!!