NCLEX Testing Center In the Philippines!!!

  1. i'm currently working as a faculty in my alma mater nursing school here in the philippines and it was yesterday february 9, 2007 that we had a news from ma'am ruth padilla (former pna president, and our alumni) and dean leah samaco - pacquiz (current pna president also our alumni) that our country was approved as a nclex testing center!!! :d
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  3. by   missiejones
    here is a link for a news article posted by a news agency

    ncsbn selects the philippines as an international testing site for nclex(r) examinations

    chicago, il -- (market wire) -- february 09, 2007 -- the national council of state boards of nursing (ncsbn) has selected manila, the capital city of the philippines, as a new site for the administration of the nclex examinations. ncsbn's board of directors made the decision to expand the number of sites at its feb. 8, 2007 meeting.
    faith fields, msn, rn, president, ncsbn board of directors, comments, "the philippine government has shown a deep commitment to ensuring a secure test center in manila and has been very responsive to ncsbn concerns. placing a test site in the philippines will allow for greater customer service to nurses without compromising the goal of safeguarding the public health, safety and welfare of patients in the u.s."
    offered abroad since january 2005, the current international sites for nclex examinations are in london, england; seoul, south korea; hong kong; sydney, australia; toronto, montreal and vancouver, canada; frankfurt, germany; mumbai, new delhi, hyderabad, bangalore and chennai, india; mexico city, mexico; taipei, taiwan; and chiyoda-ku and yokohama, japan.
    intended for the purposes of domestic nurse licensure in u.s. states and territories, all security policies and procedures currently used to administer the nclex examination domestically will be fully implemented at this new site. at this time, no schedule of implementation has been set.
    the national council of state boards of nursing, inc. (ncsbn) is a not-for-profit organization whose membership comprises the boards of nursing in the 50 states, the district of columbia and four u.s. territories.
    mission: the national council of state boards of nursing (ncsbn), composed of member boards, provides leadership to advance regulatory excellence for public protection.
    media inquiries may be directed to the contact listed. technical inquiries about the nclex examination may be directed to the nclex information line at 1.866.293.9600 (domestic) or (international)ncsbn web site vue web site
    national council of state boards of nursing, inc.111 e. wacker drive, suite 2900chicago, il 60601-4277
  4. by   renri4
    thats a good news!!! to all filipino nurses!!! goodluck to everyone. mabuhay!!!!:smiley_aa
  5. by   Fred's_Rule
    yup good news indeed. no more going abroad to take the exam
  6. by   missiejones
    i just hope they will provide more computer station than what HK and saipan, say around 50 computer stations
  7. by   john83
    Quote from missiejones
    i just hope they will provide more computer station than what HK and saipan, say around 50 computer stations
    I heard from most people that the computer screen/monitors in hk are CRT monitors. I wished they'd change it into TFTs for health reasons. Staying long facing a CRT monitor is so unhealthy due to the strong radiation that it emits.
  8. by   chichimitchi
    when will this start? i mean the testing and everything?
  9. by   missiejones
    it was on the news (philippine star)that probably by mid 2007 :smiley_aa
  10. by   dcraneses
    scheduling will start on July 13! ill try to get one appointment! yey!!
  11. by   john83
    I don't understand why Philippines cannot be found in this list(of NCLEX test center countries):

    I hope they'd update their list.
  12. by   pyerac
    what are the requirements? how and where do we apply for the nclex here in the philippines? how much would it cost us?
  13. by   redpooh
    can anyone please tell me how to apply for NCLEX..
    thank you..
  14. by   john83
    Philippines is now included in the list: cheers::hatparty: