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  1. I want to purchase a study book for the NCLEX; however, there are so many out there that I'm having a difficult time deciding which one to get! Does anyone have any good advice about which is the best book to buy? Thanks!
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  3. by   GPatty
    I have heard that Mosby's is the best. I have Davis (which I like) and Saunders (which I'm still trying to figure out).
    My friend in Ohio (who just recently passed her boards--GO LORI!!!!!) is going to send me her Mosby's.
    Good Luck in what you're searching for!
  4. by   peaceful2100
    I have Mosby which I love and it is like one of the most popular NCLEX books around. Instructors at my school are highly fond of Mosby.

    I also have Saunders which I really like as well. They have a CD-ROM that comes with the book and it is wonderful.

    Kaplan is a third NCLEX book that I have which wa given to me as a gift and it is a wonderful book that explains test-taking tips and how to interpet the question. It is a book that I would personally recommend to all beginning nursing students just starting their nursing program.

    Lippincott is another book that I have which was also given to me as a gift and it is wonderful for their questions.

    So, as far as studying for the NCLEX I would recommend Mosby and Lippincott.

    Good luck.
  5. by   delirium
    I have a Mosby's.
    I also have one from springhouse: nclex-rn review made incredibly easy. Its a cool series that they have (they have ekg interpretation made incredibly easy, pathophys, F+E, etc.). Its helpful, and it comes with a CD.
    My school offers a kaplan review course prior to taking the boards at the end of the last semester, so I plan on taking that as well.... I really think that I'll be fine.
  6. by   wsiab
    Springhouse's Made Incredibly Easy series has two for the NCLEX, one is a review book, the other is a book of questions. I used both of these and the schools CAT practice program....Also got together with friends and did study/question sessions, worked out well because we all had different books to share.
  7. by   Kimi
    If I just use Lippinicott (4000 questions), know it very well, do you think that's enough to pass????
    Thanks for replies!! Kim
  8. by   eliza_mae017
    I praise Saunders Comprehensive REview Book only as review source... WHY? Too much books gives u an impression that u have to read or finish the book then go to another INSTEAD of FOCUSIng, UnderstandING WHAT NCLEX are looking for us.. As a foreign student, Saunders helps me alot.. With their simple words... DEtailed explanation for both right and wrong answer.. ITS working for me, HOW? BEcause before i even score 50 to 60% on the practice test.... I tried to enroll to MOSBYS CAT lately, and try if i already know something.. AND YES IN JESUS NAME I ALREADY KNOW SOmething, Saunders helps me alot getting 94% in practice test...

    So still focusing reading Saunders again and again until i absorb the knowledge~:angel2:
  9. by   Kimi
    Thank you for the reply Eliza!!
  10. by   eliza_mae017
    No problem Kim! And by the way i am using Saunders CD 3rd edition 100 qts per day. i already finish it and am just reading it again content by content. In JEsus name, This is my 2nd & last month of studying and preparing for NCLEX RN And evryday of my life am CLAIming the victory of passing NCLEX RN MAY 3, 2006.... IN JESUS name, I CLaim it, I am an RN...

    GoodlUck to u guys, Jusk ask God and it will be given.. Never doubt, and IT will be Given..............:Melody::angel2: