Nclex scheduled but not ready!

  1. One question and i hope I get an answer, I'm scheduled for my Nclex but I know I'm not ready. I'm still working on Saunders book and also doing Kaplan. I test on Oct. 10 and I already passed my scheduling date by Pearson is there any way they change dates or I'm out luck.
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  3. by   Matilda50
    I think you would have to repay pearson 200.00 again call thm and make sure.
  4. by   jess2007
    just try to spend as much time as you can anwering qs and reading its rationales. you will never feel that you are finally ready to take this test. just do your best.
  5. by   StarMatrix17
    If your validity date will not yet expire on your scheduled date you can still make changes anytime soon. If it's your scheduled appointment date is your last day of validity date and you need more time to study, you'll have to re-register for your new ATT validity dates and repay $200 for your NCLEX RN exam.