Nclex RN: SATA's & infection control practice q's??

  1. Hello there, I need some advice of where or which book i can find these kind of questions to practice?
    What software? Book? Please and thank you so much in advanced!!
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  3. by   leanforward
    Hello, I had problem with infection control as well, got this from a post here and it pretty much fixed it for me. Y ou may want to try the Kaplan Strategy book for help with answering sata questions.
    [FONT=Verdana-Bold][FONT=Verdana-Bold]My - Measles
    Chicken - Chicken Pox/Varicella
    Hez - Herpez Zoster/Shingles
    or remember...
    Varicella-Chicken Pox/Herpes Zoster-Shingles
    Private Room - negative pressure with 6-12 air exchanges/hr
    Mask, N95 for TB
    [FONT=Verdana-Bold][FONT=Verdana-Bold]think of SPIDERMAN!
    S - sepsis
    S - scarlet fever
    S - streptococcal pharyngitis
    P - parvovirus B19
    P - pneumonia
    P - pertussis
    I - influenza
    D - diptheria (pharyngeal)
    E - epiglottitis
    R - rubella
    M - mumps
    M - meningitis
    M - mycoplasma or meningeal pneumonia
    An - Adenovirus
    Private Room or cohort
    [FONT=Verdana-Bold][FONT=Verdana-Bold][FONT=Verdana-Bold]CONTACT PRECAUTION
    M - multidrug resistant organism
    R - respiratory infection
    S - skin infections *
    W - wound infxn
    E - enteric infxn - clostridium difficile
    E - eye infxn - conjunctivitis
    V - varicella zoster
    C - cutaneous diphtheria
    H - herpez simplex
    I - impetigo
    P - pediculosis
    S - scabies
  4. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Thank you so much leanforward!!! I have the Kaplan strategies book, but I'm reading Hurst Review Book first and I can't find these kind of q's in this book. Thanks again for Sharing that info w/ me!!!! God bless!