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i would like to know if anyone has suggestions that can help me learn more about prioritizing and pharmacological questions? these are the two areas i am having difficulty with. any ideas would be... Read More

  1. by   RonnieMcDonald
    WOW!!! thank you soooooooo much!!!! Ive never had it broken down to me like that!!!! I really really appreciate this!!!
  2. by   RonnieMcDonald
    Does any body know of a good CD with nothing but NCLEX RN practice questions on it that I can purchase?
  3. by   miche72
    that is some great advice thanks. are you available for tutoring?? I am gonna print your message so I can look at it often.
    thanks so much
  4. by   tyrn2012
    The best way to monitor fluid status is Daily Weight, not I&O
  5. by   juelrybox
    Hi, i heard about your plan and was wondering how can i acquire it. Desperately in need of passing nclex rn.
  6. by   mstacyi
    @ KAYBDT6 wow.. nice notes.. i have them saved and printed.

    @ anyone.

    I was wondering if anyone have a schedule that they follow to study for nclex? I tried making me one on the Saunders CD but i didnt follow it cos at the back of my mind i knew that i made it up and i dont really have to follow or if i fall behind i can always catch up and never go back to it. IDK i was thinking maybe if i see a schedule ( that is not made my me) then i might stick it to more. if your willing to help please post it to me. TY!

    about me: I have bout 1 month til i finish nursing school. I have been coming in here every day for tips on how to prepare for nclex. I have also started doing questions (not much just here and there on my ipod only and I am doing very poor on them). I am also getting very nervous. HELP!
  7. by   tyrn2012
    If your school is worth a darn, you should be prepaired enough for the test and should take it immediatly after graduating. My school failed to give me information I had requested about the application process for licensure and with my history it took me over six months to get cleared to test. Those before me told me that the saunders 4th edition was the closest in regards to content and question style. I study'd the application type questions and multiple selection type. When you are getting mostly multiple selection type questions during your NCLEX exam, you know you are doing well as those are the more difficult and thus '"money" questions. Infection control will be all over the test. I had some L&D, only one lab value but you should know the basics anyhow... nothing for me on any insulins but I would damn sure know at least one so I could rule out others... It is a very broad based test... relax and no, cramming will not make you pass...good luck ya'll