NCLEX-RN after the experience

  1. i just passed my nclex-rn and it feels awesome.

    i passed with 75q

    as i was taking the exam, i realized that no matter how much i studied or how many questions i practiced... i was not really prepared for it.

    to me really this test doesn't test your knowledge, but it tests your logic.
    you do have to know a little bit of each disease to pick the answer you think it's right....but no book will ever tell you "pick this pt first...."

    i am in no way advertising kaplan. but to me, kaplan was way more helpful than all the other things that i studied. kaplan helped me break down the question and "eliminate" to finally pick the answer i think it's right.

    i did feuer, learningext, an nclex book by alice stein....and as i was taking the test...i realized that none of those things were helpful at all.... therefore i used kaplan strategies all the way thru my 75q. i was for sure i failed..... now my name is on my bon and it feels so so good.

    i no longer have to take that test, once and that's it!

    i prayed to god to please pass me at 75q and god answered my prayer.

    now i can have an awesome holiday season.:spin:

    -patty, rn
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  3. by   FutureNurse2B
    JOB WELL DONE!!!!!
  4. by   RN4Nascar
    Congrats!!!!!!RN!! Kaplan helped me pass also!!! Im soo happy for you!!!