Nclex review- I just don't get it VENT! What books can I use or what can I do?

  1. I'm so frustrated with studying. Before I studied, I took a practice test to see how much I knew ect.. I got a 67% on that. Ok so it proves I need to study. I've BEEN studying and I confident that know the material but I keep getting thrown off by the distractor answers. I took another practice exam and got a 67% AGAIN!!!!!
    So I go back to the answers I got wrong to see if I just didn't know the material or if I knew it and chose another answer. Sure enough, I knew the materia, had narrowed the choices down to 2 answers, knew enough information in my brain and still I picked the wrong one! It seems like I always pick the buttered up answers that are designed to laugh at people like me.

    I'm taking the NCLEX in about a month and I'm so mad. I had my husband take about 20 questions of the test (the part where I did the worse) and he who knows NOTHING about anything in the nursing field scored better than me. Why? Because he is one of those people who is a good test taker no matter what the subject is!

    I'm just in a "I give up and why bother to study mood". Any suggestions? I do read the questions carefully, look for key words ect but I always 2nd guess myself. Any books out there that can help with this?
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  3. by   rags
    My husband did the same thing! Have you used the Kaplan book? It is wonderful for helping you figure out those silly written NCLEX format questions. Chances are you are over thinking the material. What you see is what you get. Don't read any more into it than that. For example. If you have a pt with IDDM and a foot ulcer. It is simply a diabetic pt with a sore. Don't think about impaired wound healing or the possibility of them going septic or future amputation... they are a stable pt with an sore. That is it.

    I over thought the NCLEX 2 times before I managed to "keep it simple stupid" and finally passed. I think sometimes when you know and UNDERSTAND the material really well it actually is a hindrance on the NCLEX. It is a test that is very much text book oriented and skill based. Unlike when you are actually nursing in the real world.

    Makes no sense to me.

    Keep practicing and don't pay that much attention to your final scores. Just look for if you are increasing your % of right answers or not. I also used a book called Exam Cram-RN and found it to be extremely helpful. You might give it a shot. It also has a wonderful CD and a pull out study aide with it.

    What review book are you currently using?