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  1. Has anyone that took the NCLEX June of 2017 gotten their results yet? I took mine on the 20th and I still haven't heard back. The processing dates say they should have processed my results this week, but when I called the guy said i still have to wait 2-4 weeks. Anyone else heard anything different?
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  3. by   StocktonNurse
    Through reading here in the forums, it sounds like you can go to the person vue website and pay for early processing to see if you passed. Maybe that might help you out. Good luck
  4. by   Adri0418
    I took mine on the 21st and I got my results on the 24th.... I already got my official license in the mail. I hope you hear back soon! I know this is a nerve racking time!
  5. by   surfergirl166
    California doesn't have the 48hr quick results. Thank you!
  6. by   surfergirl166
    Did you take it in California?
  7. by   Adri0418
    I am in California. I took mine in the Sacramento location.
  8. by   surfergirl166
    Adri0418, Did you have an interim permit as well? I'm thinking maybe thats why its taking so long to process. I live in southern California so that may also be a factor...idk I'm really stressing
  9. by   rachpeeps
    I took mine June 20th as well. I am in San Diego. I have not received my results either. I called yesterday and they said I would have to wait 2-4 weeks. I tried the Pearson Vue trick and I got the good pop up. My test shut off at 75 questions, I think I passed. I confirmed with Pearson Vue that they sent my results to the BRN on June 21st at 1030, and the BRN accepted and confirmed the results at that time. I am beyond frustrated!
  10. by   Adri0418
    I did have the interm permit, but there were some in my cohort who did not have it and got results just as fast. I am unsure if being in southern Cali has anything to so with it. Have you gone to the breeze site to see if your license is posted?? I can imagine this is very stressful....i was stresses out the second my exam shut off until I got my results....i wonder why it is taking 2-4 weeks? Strange.
  11. by   surfergirl166
    Yes, I have checked my own personal account and searched my name under the license search. I am glad to hear I am not alone in this waiting game! What phone number did you use to call pearson vue? I am pretty sure I passed, but I need my license to be given placement for a class next semester. If I do not get the results in time I will not graduate on time.
  12. by   rachpeeps
    I went on Pearson Vue's website and there is a chat now function. I chatted with someone online. They are very helpful unlike the BRN. I am tempted to call the BRN again today, but I feel like it may be a waste of time, the generally are not helpful. My class mate took the exam this past Wed and got her results today. Agh!
  13. by   surfergirl166
    Thank you! Unfortunately, the guy wasn't able to tell me when my scores were sent or anything else other than they were already sent :/ I don't understand why some are released while other results are not.
  14. by   surfergirl166
    Just called the BRN and FINALLY got useful information! Apparently Pearson Vue had issues with transmitting the actual results. They were sent electronically but on the BRN's side when they tried to pull it up the information was not populated correctly. There are several dates this happened on and June 20th is one of them. He said they have not fixed the problem yet and it could take up to 4 weeks... So idk if they are really working on it but he said they all have to be hand graded now.