NCLEX Results

  1. A friend of a friend took the NCLEX last Thursday in PA and she says she got the results the same day. Is this possible? I thought it would take at least a couple days for "Quick Results".
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  3. by   RN5406
    I would love to know how that is possible! PA doesn't participate in Quick Results and usually have to wait 48 hours up to 30 days for the BON site to update with your name. How did she get her results?! I took mine yesterday and am dreading the whole wait time!
  4. by   ashley_michelle
    Sometimes the BON updates the page. I know here in WV.. my friends sometimes knew that night also... less than 12 hrs after they took their test. And then they got their letter in the mail a couple days after that. It just depends how quickly they get the results to the BON and they update their page. That's what I was hoping for.. but I had to wait a LONG 10 days to see mine on the BON site.
  5. by   RNKay31
    Wow that was very fast, congratulations to her.