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  1. hi everyone! i am about to take my NCLEX in 4 weeks. i am using my resource Saunders, the RN NCLEX mastery app, and Kaplan questions. i was wondering if anyone here uses Picmonic or has purchased it to help prepare themselves for the NCLEX? i am a visual learner more than anything and am just trying to help myself memorize other info that i wasn't able to retain in nursing school.

    here's an example of a picmonic video:
    Learn Hypokalemia Faster with Picmonic (NCLEX(R), Nursing School) - YouTube

    and there's more on their website if you sign up (beta version though):
    Picmonic for Nursing: Pass the NCLEX-RN Guarantee.

    also, any advice or tips/tricks for me? i am super nervous and just started studying today. did you guys set an amt of questions or hours for yourselves to answer everyday?
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  3. by   kriten
    Just found this site. Even though I just took my NCLEX, I'd love to chime in to help you out!

    As my test date approached, I took as many practice tests as I could. One resource I used was "NCLEX Cracker" which gave me access to five or six NCLEX Full Length exams. I was able to see improvement in my practice scores and learn from their rationales. I also became more assimilated and accustomed to taking the NCLEX Exam because their simulator mimics and mirrors the same testing platform. On test day, it felt like another practice exam.

    My advice is to spend more time on continually take more practice tests, learn from explanations, etc. as your test date approaches and I'm very fortunate that both Saunders and NCLEX Cracker helped me out tremendously in passing my exam!
  4. by   arinurse
    Ditto I'm finding to be very helpful too in my preparation. I feel like I'm at the test center and I've learned a lot after each of their exams. Wish me luck!
  5. by   Dreamj
    Does anyone know if there is major difference between 3rd and 4 Th editions of NCLEX rn secrets ?
    Thank you