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  1. Hello,

    I live in Florida and I have attempted the NCLEX 3 times....needless to say I didnt make it. I am trying SO hard to keep my head above water but I keep finding out more information that makes me feel so hopeless and depressed. I am currently trying to figure out a where to find a remediation course. I found an online course through Valencia that offers clinicals locally but they have pushed their start date back to the end of January. I have a few questions and I dont know where to turn to get them answered. Can anyone help? Please?

    1. Does anyone know where to find a remediation course through a community college/university?

    2. I recently heard that if you fail the NCLEX for a fourth time in the state of Florida, you are not able to ever take it again. Is this true? I almost stopped breathing when I heard this.

    3. Cant I just go out of the state and take this thing some place where remediation isnt required? What would I have to go through if I could do that and wanted to practice in Florida after I took it?

    I just cant get positive. I am stumped. I dont know how to pass this thing. I was a good student, I feel as if I know the material and I get pretty great scores when taking mock-tests. I have taken ATI, Pearson, Davis, Kaplan, etc. I am exhausted and feel more like a loser than I ever have in my life. Is there anyone out there going through the same thing?

    Any words of advice or comfort will be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Please contact the BON to find out the list of acceptable program that meet there requirements as far as remediation.

    As far as going thru another state and then trying to endorse to them, they do not need to accept you since you would have not met their requirements. Remember that they still have your application and everything else.

    If you wish to work in Florida, you are going to need to complete things as they wish.

    At this point, get the required program out of the way, and then come and find me, and I will help you get thru the exam.