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  1. I have a question regarding the level of questions in nclex. What is an example of a high level question, and I guess a low level question if that's what you call it.

    Are priority questions higher level compared to SATA? Or is SATA higher than prioritization? Also, what is an example of a low level question?

    If you get higher level questions, does that mean you're doing well in your exam?? Or is it different for every test-taker?
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  3. by   sweetnurse786
    So I took my test last Friday and failed People told me that SATA, priority, and "quotes" questions are high level questions which I got in my test and I still did not pass...even a friend of mine who failed she also had the same time of questions like I did. My theory is that there is no such thing has high level questions. Every question is a question that counts towards you take your time, do not rush your test (I rushed and was done in 1 hr with 75 questions, big mistake). Take each question as is and take your time to select an answer. Best of luck!!
  4. by   vumblevee
    I'm sorry to hear that. I will definitely follow your advice and properly answer each question. Are you planning to take it anytime soon?
  5. by   sweetnurse786
    Hi Vumblevee...I totally learned a lesson and have decided to try again in October...6 weeks from now. But this time around, I am not going to study for 3 months like I did before and this time around I am not going to study like 6-8 hours like I did before...I will take it easy, study 2-3 hrs a day and review my content using Saunders. For practice questions I am going to use PDA by LaCharity and I will also use the NCSBN site for questions. They are the ones who make the test...When are you taking your test and what is your studying strategy?
  6. by   vumblevee
    sent you a pm
  7. by   SarcasticLVN
    When I took my test Id say at least 40% of my questions were sata.. I was convinced I failed because I got 85 questions and finished in 1 hour, but I passed.. With multiple choice I just really tried to determine what the question was asking (tricky tricky lol) and then with the sata I knocked out the answers I knew were right and then tried to us my best judgement on the others.. It's hard! Studying 2-3 hours a day maximum is good and then a couple days before you take it don't study at all and let your brain relax. Good luck to you!
  8. by   soontobetexan
    I took my exam in June had all 265 questions. I went in prepared to sit for the entire thing, thats how we trained ourselves because you just never know. Not sure how true it is but my teacher told me that the exam takes into account your last 60 questions to judge whether you pass or not. As I said before not sure how true this is. Once I passed 75 I got comfortable took a bathroom break to get my mind prepared to not freak out. I studied for at least 6 hrs to prep myself to stay focused the entire time because it is hard, especially watching the clock. As long as that screen didn't turn off I knew I had a chance. You stay focus on whatever question is in front of you don't think about the one before because its done. My entire class passed we had a 100% pass rate, we had people pass at 75 questions to 265 questions. I had almost every type of question they offered. SATA are your higher level questions so I've heard. an example of a lower level question is when should you check a patient that has restraints on?
  9. by   mariebailey
    Google "Bloom’s taxonomy for the cognitive domain". The questions are coded according to the level of cognitive ability they require. A low-level question may be something that you just recall from memory, such as "What is the appropriate site of injection for medication X" ? Higher level questions may ask you to choose how you would prioritize patients with different morbidities.
  10. by   LadyRN10
    What I was taught was that alternate format questions are the higher level questions. If you receive an alternate format question, you are doing good. Imagine there is an invisible line going across your screen, they want you to stay above that line, so you have to start off strong and stay above the line. If you start to miss questions you go down below the line(bad news), questions get easier and the test tries to get you back up to the line and above.

    I started of with 6 multiple choice questions. Then I got about 6 alternate format questions in a row. I knew I was doing good, so I relaxed a little. In total I had about 20 alternate format questions and only got 75 questions before the test shut off.

    Remember, if you get 75 or 265 question 15 are "test" questions that do not count. Along with that if you get a few wrong, its OK. I took a review course with the woman who wrote many of the Saunders NCLEX review books, read the 50 shades of gray trilogy, studied out of the Saunders yellow book and passed with flying colors. But the test was the hardest test of my life. Best of luck
  11. by   healthstar
    High level questions are SATA, prioritizing.....but if you get a lot of them it doesn't mean you passed. I know a lot of people who had 20+ SATA and they stopped at 75 and failed. I also know people who got 5 SATA and passed.
  12. by   LadyRN10
    Linda Silvestri who is the author of the Saunders NCLEX review books is my resource for the information I posted. She attends the NSNA meetings and is very active with the world of NCLEX that's where I got my info from, but who who knows!
    Either way is ...she is brilliant!

    best of luck to all test takers
  13. by   darrellh77
    I just finished my NCLEX with 200 questions. The last two I ended on were SATA. Then got 30 "sample NCLEX" questions that SUUUUUCKED. Does this mean I passed?